Top 10 Favorite Picnic Recipes

Summer is picnic time! Whether your picnic is taking place on the beach, on a boat, in a park, or in your own backyard, these recipes will make the gathering a true celebration. They're all delicious, easy, portable, and guaranteed to be a hit. Be sure to follow Food Safety Rules (and to test your knowledge, take my Summer Food Safety Quiz), provide lots of napkins and cold beverages, and have a marvelous summer.

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    My Mother's Potato Salad
    My Mother's Potato Salad. Linda Larsen
    Every picnic must include this recipe for the best potato salad in the world. Follow the instructions to the letter, and please, don't substitute ingredients, especially for the dressing; each is an integral part of a wonderful melody.
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    M&M Cookies. Linda Larsen
    These cookies, with crunchy chocolate candies in a rich brown sugar dough, are fabulous. They are also wonderful for making ice cream sandwiches; just sandwich about 1/2 cup of any flavor ice cream between two cookies and press down. Freeze until firm, then devour!
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    Blueberry Muffins
    Leah Maroney
    Muffins might seem an odd choice for a picnic, but think about it - they're totally portable, travel beautifully, and everybody loves them.
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    My Mother's Baked Fried Chicken. Linda Larsen
    My mom's method for making fried chicken involves pan frying first to get a crisp crust, then baking for deeply juicy results. It's excellent hot or cold.
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    Frozen Fruit Salad
    Photo: Diana Rattray
    This fabulous frozen salad is really wonderful for a picnic; serve it in ice cream cones! The kids will love the novelty of this idea, and serving is super easy for you.
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    Muffuletta Sandwich Recipe
    Muffuletta Sandwich Recipe. Grilled Cheese Social
    A muffuletta is an Italian sandwich, with lots of meat and cheese layered with olivada, which is an olive paste. You can make your own olivada, as in the recipe, or buy one from any gourmet or specialty shop. As a matter of fact, you can find olivada in your regular grocery store!
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    Use any flavor of pie filling in this easy recipe. You can also spoon it into muffin cups or small drink cups and freeze it for more portability.