Favorite St. Patrick's Day Candy Recipes

These top St. Patrick's Day candies will many anyone Irish for a day! From potato-based candies to green goodies to shamrock sweets, you're sure to find a St. Patrick's Day candy that you love!

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    Shamrock Fudge
    Elizabeth LaBau

    Shamrock Fudge is the perfect candy for St. Patrick's Day! It has a refreshing minty taste, a bright green color, and is decorated with optional--but highly recommended--candy shamrocks! This white chocolate-based fudge is easy to make, comes together quickly, and is just the thing for a St. Patrick's Day party.

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    Shamrock Pretzels
    Elizabeth LaBau

    Looking for a super fast and easy St. Patrick's Day candy? Look no further! These Shamrock Pretzels require only 2 ingredients and a few minutes. You can have the kids help with this one, too! They're cute on their own, and they also make great cupcake toppers!

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    Irish Potato Candies
    Elizabeth LaBau

    We can't talk about St. Patrick's Day candies without starting with the category of "potato look-alikes." These Irish Potatoes Candies are a smooth, divinity-based candy with a white chocolate flavor and loads of toasted walnuts. If you're familiar with the Irish Candy Potatoes from See's Candies, then this recipe will taste very familiar! The sweet potato doppelgangers are rolled in a mixture of cocoa and cinnamon, and decorated with pine nut "eyes."

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    Marshmallow Clouds Recipe
    Elizabeth LaBau

    What's a rainbow without clouds? I love how cute and cheerful these fluffy Marshmallow Clouds are. I like to add a rainbow made of licorice, but that's entirely optional.

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    Rainbow Chocolate-Covered Cookies
    Elizabeth LaBau

     These Rainbow Chocolate-Covered Cookies are fast, easy, and adorable! Dunk an Oreo--or any other round cookie--in white chocolate, then decorate the top with mini M&Ms and white sprinkles in the shape of a rainbow and clouds. 

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    Rainbow Fudge
    Elizabeth LaBau

    Now you can find your own rainbow--no leprechauns required. Rainbow Fudge is a gorgeous candy made from six colorful layers of white chocolate fudge. Pair this fudge with Pot of Gold Candies for an unusual but fun St. Patrick's Day treat!

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    Rainbow Candy Tubes
    Elizabeth LaBau

     You probably don't need a recipe for putting rainbow candies in a tube or jar, but you probably DO need some cute, free printable tags to go along with them! Hop over to this post to download the 2 St. Patrick's Day gift tags!

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    Leprechaun Gold
    Elizabeth LaBau

    Leprechaun Gold Candies are adorable tiny pots of gold, perfect for St. Patrick's Day. They're made with just 3 ingredients, and they're so fast and easy to make, even kids can help with them!

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    Pot of Gold Candy
    Elizabeth LaBau

    Strike it rich with this Pot of Gold candy! Lustrous gold nuggets are displayed in a small chocolate bowl, for a beautiful St. Patrick's Day treat that's fit for a leprechaun--or a human. That's right, these beautiful gold bowls are entirely edible and completely delicious!

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    Baileys Irish Cream Fudge
    Elizabeth LaBau

    It wouldn't be St. Patrick's Day without a little booze, now would it? This white chocolate fudge has a generous splash of everyone's favorite St. Patrick's Day beverage, Irish cream liqueur. It's added before the fudge is cooked, so most of the actual alcohol is cooked off, but the signature taste remains. Try it for your next party!

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    Matcha Green Tea Truffles
    Elizabeth LaBau

    Green tea might not be a traditional St. Patrick's Day flavor, but the bright green color of these beautiful white chocolate truffles is sure true to the spirit of the holiday! If you're ready to branch out from the usual candies, give these fragrant truffles a try!

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    Fresh Mint Truffles
    Elizabeth LaBau

    This recipe for Mint Fudge Truffles is closer to many fudge recipes than the traditional ganache-based truffles. These truffles are smooth, creamy, and refreshingly minty. The green chocolate decoration is optional but adds a beautiful finish.

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    Coconut Potato Fudge
    Elizabeth LaBau

    And now we enter the portion of this list dedicated to candies that actually include potatoes in the recipe. These potato candies are a great way to use up leftover mashed potatoes, as long as they aren't seasoned with savory ingredients. Coconut Potato Fudge has a strong coconut flavor, a dark chocolate topping, and a creaminess that can only come from mashed potatoes.