13 Festive Christmas Martinis You'll Love to Share

Add Spirit to Your Holidays With a Great Martini

Holiday Hopper Cocktail

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The holidays are filled with many great things, including festive cocktails. Featuring all the favorite tastes of the season, these martinis include plenty of Christmas cheer. Serve them at holiday parties, holiday dinners, or any smaller gathering that could use a seasonal martini. They're all easy to mix up and the recipes are fun to explore.

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    Eggnog Martini

    Eggnog Martini

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    The ultimate Christmas martini has to involve eggnog, of course! With vanilla vodka, amaretto, and store-bought eggnog, you can mix up a delicious eggnog martini in minutes. Garnish it with some ground nutmeg and a cinnamon stick for extra flavor, and you're ready to relax with a satisfying and festive cocktail.

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    Peach Pomegranate Holiday Martini

    Peach Pomegranate Holiday Martini

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    Filled with fruity flavors, this is a fun vodka martini that will have you in the holiday spirit in no time. The beautiful blend of fruits begins with an impressive pomegranate vodka, which is accented by peach and orange. It is the ground cinnamon that really brings it into the Christmas season and makes it a drink to remember.

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    Candy Cane Martini

    Candy Cane Cocktail

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    This little pink drink has everything that's great about the holidays, including a few twists. The candy cane is a creamy cocktail with a fun mix of flavors. The recipe pairs the sweet fruit flavor of a berry vodka against that favorite combination of mint-chocolate. It creates ​a unique taste and a deliciously sweet treat.

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    Ginger Snap Martini

    Ginger snap martini

    Bartenders love to transform holiday treats into adult libations. If you're up for an adventure in flavor, the ginger snap martini is the recipe for you. It has everything to love about its namesake, right down to the molasses. The mix also includes pear vodka and amaretto with a fresh blend of holiday spices to create a fantastic seasonal cocktail.

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    Holiday Hopper

    Holiday Hopper Cocktail

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    As seen in countless cocktails, chocolate and mint are a perfect pairing. When you want to add a little more dimension to the mix, try the holiday hopper. The trick to this cocktail is Midori, everyone's favorite green liqueur. The melon flavor puts a fascinating twist on a familiar taste and it works surprisingly well.

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    Salted Caramel Martini

    Salted Caramel Martini

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    The combination of sweet and salty, as well as the beautiful presentation, will make this cocktail the hit of the holiday. The caramel drizzle inside the glass, salted caramel rim, and the caramel candy garnish will tempt those with a sweet tooth. The shaken mixture of vodka, caramel syrup, and Irish cream makes for a smooth and creamy cocktail.

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    White Chocolatini

    White Chocolatini Cocktail
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    Chocolate martinis are always a hit. They're irresistibly delicious and there are so many different recipes to choose from. The white chocolatini is a tasty variation that's as simple as any other. It begins with a shot of vanilla vodka and uses a white chocolate liqueur, such as that from Godiva. Add a touch of cream and consider this yummy martini complete.

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    Mistletoe Martini

    Mistletoe Martini with Cranberry Tea
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    The mistletoe martini is simply delightful and super easy to mix up. If you enjoy the pure taste of a crantini, then you will love what this recipe has to offer. To make it, all you need is your favorite vodka and a little orange juice. The star of this drink, however, is the cranberry tea, which transforms the ordinary into something very special. Decorate with sugared cranberries for a festive touch.

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    Gingerbread Man-tini

    Gingerbread Man-tini Cocktail
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    Another favorite holiday cookie is the inspiration for the gingerbread man-tini. This one takes a different approach and the only difficulty you may have is finding the gingerbread liqueur. More in the style of a traditional dry martini, this one mixes citrus vodka with dry vermouth and simple syrup. The combination allows that special liqueur to shine without creating a drink that's overly sweet.

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    Very Berry Cosmo

    Van Gogh Vodka's Very Berry Cosmo Cocktail
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    Wish everyone a very, merry Christmas with this very berry cosmo. It's a fun twist on the cosmopolitan that includes a few interesting flavors. As the name implies, this martini is filled with berries, including acai-blueberry vodka, black raspberries, and cranberries. The blueberry garnish is the finishing touch that puts a fresh spin on a winter delight.

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    Winter Cocktail

    Classic Winter Cocktail

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    For something a little more unusual in the martini game, rum is the base for this classic cocktail. A sweet and sour drink, the winter cocktail has a bit of tropical flair, though it's the ginger liqueur that makes it worthy of any holiday celebration. Add pimento dram for even more flavor and a winter warmer is yours to enjoy.

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    Cranberry Margarita

    Cranberry Margarita With Apple-Cinnamon Tequila
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    It may not be a "martini," but it's hard to pass up this fancy little margarita when the holidays roll around. The cranberry margarita is a recipe that every tequila lover can appreciate. It begins with a one-week infusion of apples and cinnamon in your favorite tequila, so you'll need to plan ahead. After that, it's as simple as adding triple sec and cranberry and lime juices.

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    Sugar Cookie Martini

    Sugar Cookie Martini
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    Sugar cookies are a favorite treat during the season and it's very easy to transform that sweet into a yummy cocktail. Vanilla vodka, amaretto, and Irish cream create a sugar cookie martini. Give it some sparkle by rimming the glass with colorful sugar and enjoy drinking your dessert.