10 Fiery Meals Dads Will Love

These Man-Approved Meals Are Guaranteed to be a Hit This Father's Day

Father's Day is fast approaching, and you know what would go great with that gift? A special, from the heart, home cooked meal. You can choose from any of these thirteen recipes -- all of which are easy to prepare and won't break your budget either. Plus, I can safely tell you that they are all man-approved and you're guaranteed to find one or two you think Dad will love.  

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    Lamb Tagine. Nancy Lopez-McHugh

    This North African dish is an exotic meal that is perfect for any special occasion. The flavours are complex and quite delicious. 

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    Spicy Mexican Cowboy Beans with Longaniza Sausage. Nancy Lopez-McHugh

    I know at first the idea of a bean stew doesn't sound like much, but this is no ordinary pot of beans. Filled with meaty goodness and spice, it's perfect for your cowboy at home. 

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    Chipotle, Honey and Sour Orange Salmon
    Chipotle, Honey and Sour Orange Salmon. SpicieFoodie.com

    This easy to prepare salmon meal is served with turmeric mashed potatoes, and it tastes smoky, spicy, tart, and sweet. Perfect for a special occasion or a weeknight dinner.

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    Quick and Easy Fish Meal. Nancy Lopez-McHugh

    Fish Fillets in Spicy and Citrusy Sauce: A Quick Meal for Any Day of The Week

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    Curried Chicken with Spinach and Carrots. Nancy Lopez-McHugh

    If the man in your life is into curry flavours, he's going to love this dish. You'll not only get the benefit of eating it too, but also love the easy clean-up.  

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    Broiled Pork Chops with Horseradish and Savory Baked Apples
    Broiled Pork Chops with Horseradish and Savory Baked Apples. SpicieFoodie.com

    These were invented by my husband, and they're always a hit when served. The pork chops have a good-size layer of horseradish which is then set under the broiler for a crispy touch. 

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    Baharat Spiced Kufta Kebabs. Nancy Lopez-McHugh

    Kufta (also know as kofta or kefta) are a food eaten in parts all over the Middle East and North Africa. (There are many other variations eaten across India and it's surrounding neighbours.) You can make these with ground lamb, beef, pork, or even chicken. 

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    Deviled Chicken Chipotle | #mexican #dinner #chicken #spicy #chipotles
    Deviled Chicken Chipotle is a medium-high spicy meal that is quick and easy to prepare. Nancy Lopez-McHugh

    If you are looking for a medium-spicy meal that can be cooked in one pan, is easy to prepare, and has a depth of flavour that will impress your dinner guests, look no further.

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    Blue Shark Steaks
    Blue Shark Steaks. SpicieFoodie.com

    If you're looking for an intriguing meal, these shark steaks are it. If you can't find them make sure to ask your fish monger for an alternative that they do have. 

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    Habanero, Rum, and Molasses Pulled Pork. Nancy Lopez-McHugh

    I don't think I'm wrong when I say that all men love sandwiches. When I cook this pulled pork for the men in my life, they go insane for it. The pork is smokey, spicy, and oh so delicious.