Easy Finger Foods are Fun to Make and Eat for Christmas Breakfast

These Little Treats are Fun to Make—and Eat!

Close-Up Of French Toast With Fruits And Honey On Table
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Finger foods are fun to eat anytime, but for Christmas breakfast, they're a nice treat, perfect for nibbling on while opening presents or greeting guests. This easy menu includes delicious make-ahead recipes so you can enjoy the fun along with everyone else. French toast fingers are easy to eat and fun to serve, mini quiches are just plain cute, and waffle quiches are a nice surprise! A special fruit salad rounds out the menu.

Just put everything on the table with a stack of plates and silverware nearby, and let everyone eat what they want when they want! Just keep an eye on the amount of time these foods sit out—most recipes have dairy and should be at room temperature no more than two hours.

Freezer French Toast

The nicest thing about this recipe, besides the fact that it's made ahead of time, is the wonderful texture. The eggy bread is coated in Cornflake crumbs and then frozen—take out as much as you need and bake until crispy on the outside. Then cut the pieces of crisp French toast into small fingers and serve it with little cups of maple syrup, powdered sugar, or jam for dipping.

Mini Mushroom Quiches

These fun little quiches are not only adorable but also delicious! This recipe calls for mushrooms, but they can be filled with just about anything you'd like, from bacon to spinach to a variety of cheeses. The crusts are made with store-bought pie dough, and these mini quiches freeze and reheat beautifully—the perfect recipe for a busy morning.

Crustless Broccoli Mini Quiches

Mix the ingredients, pour into mini muffin tins, and bake—that's it! And, these crustless mini quiches can be made ahead of time, frozen, and reheated on a baking sheet. Plus, these cheesy broccoli quiches don't have a crust, making them a little healthier and lighter.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?

Waffle Quiches

You know how sometimes you can't decide if you want sweet or savory for breakfast? With these waffle quiches, you don't have to choose! Frozen waffles are toasted and then topped with ham (if you like), cheese, and a quiche egg mixture. Just pop in the oven until the egg mixture has puffed up and the cheese is a light golden brown. A delicious hand-held treat the whole family will love.

Marinated Fruit Salad

It is always nice to have a bit of fruit with the breakfast meal, but why not make it a little special? This marinated fruit salad is not only tasty but also very pretty to look at. Use a melon baller to create perfect spheres of honeydew and cantaloupe, and add pieces of bright red strawberries and vibrant orange nectarine slices. The mixture marinates in a dressing of honey and orange and lemon juices for a few hours before ready to serve.