Fiona Haynes

Fiona Haynes has been the Expert for Low-Fat Cooking since 2004. She loves to cook and enjoys finding ways to lighten recipes and feed her family healthier meals.


Eager to share her passion for healthy eating, Fiona has written about low-fat cooking for more than nine years. She has developed hundreds of low-fat recipes and writes a weekly healthy-eating newsletter. Fiona works as an associate financial editor contracted to an East Coast news organization, and prior to, Fiona was letters editor at The Economist magazine in London and New York.


Fiona holds a degree in history from the University of Lancaster in the U.K. and a certificate in copy editing from UC San Diego.

Fiona Haynes

"Eating low fat means making certain changes, but doesn't condemn us to a lifelong diet of carrot sticks and celery. We can still enjoy a rich variety of full-flavored foods. I'll show you how to budget your fat calories wisely and give you the tools you need to make healthier home-cooked meals."

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