Five Ingredient Cold Sandwiches

Creamy chicken salad on a croissant
LauriPatterson / Getty Images

A number of easy, reliable, and delicious cold sandwich recipes should be in every repertoire. And when there are only five ingredients in that recipe, you can whip up lunch or dinner in a matter of minutes!

Keep ingredients for these delicious recipes on hand at all times. These sandwiches are also great for lunch boxes; your own or your child's. All you need to do is combine meats, vegetables, cheese, and something creamy for a great and quick meal.

5-Ingredient Cold Sandwiches

  • HLT Sandwiches
    Hummus, tomato, and lettuce sandwiches are a delicious and healthy twist on the classic BLT sandwich. Make your own hummus or buy some already prepared.
  • Brown Bread Fruit Sandwiches
    With canned brown bread and a few other ingredients on hand, this quick and easy sandwich recipe is ready in minutes.
  • Mini Chicken Salad Croissant Sandwiches
    This simple recipe is hardly a recipe! Cooked sliced chicken, tomatoes, croissants, lettuce, and mayo are all you need for this great sandwich.
  • Crunchy Salmon Sandwich Spread
    This is one of my favorite cold sandwiches. The bell peppers are so fresh and crisp and a great contrast to the rich salmon and creamy dressing.
  • Broccoli Slaw Wraps
    Broccoli slaw is so good for you and so easy to use. You can find it in the produce aisle of your supermarket. These fabulous sandwiches are full of flavor and crunch.
  • Chicken Pesto Croissant Sandwiches
    There's nothing easier than this sandwich recipe! Make your own pesto or buy some prepared. There are many varieties and flavors available, including sun-dried tomato pesto.
  • Mediterranean Pitas
    Marinated vegetable salad can be purchased in jars in the vegetable aisle of the supermarket, or look at your deli. Or make your own salad and use the leftovers in this sandwich!
  • Pasta Focaccia Sandwich
    This is another quickie from the deli. Or use one of our leftover pasta salad recipes. Yum.
  • Smoked Salmon Croissant Sandwiches
    Wow, this is a special and rich sandwich. It's perfect for lunch on the porch, or if you want to serve someone an elegant tea.
  • Speedy Veggie Wraps
    The deli comes to the rescue again! These sandwiches are delicious and fresh tasting.
  • Waldorf Chicken Salad Sandwiches
    It's easy to transform a deli chicken salad into Waldorf chicken salad with just a few additions. This recipe is elegant and easy.
  • Egg Salad Sandwich Spread
    And finally, what would a collection of cold sandwiches be without egg salad? We love this simple and delicious recipe.