Flavored Crème Brûlées

Crème brûlée recipes come in all flavors, from the vanilla the purists swear by, to an infinite number of infusions and mix-in ingredients. Every one of these flavored crème brûlée recipes is delicious in its own way. If you're just beginning to experiment with crème brûlée variations, start with the vanilla recipe at the bottom of the list, and then work your way up to bolder and more novel combinations. Enjoy!

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    Lemon Crème Brûlée

    Lemon Creme Brulee

    The Spruce Eats / Diana Rattray

    Bright lemon zest and smooth, rich cream are a match made in culinary heaven in this lemon crème brûlée recipe. The subtle hint of citrus adds a luscious dimension of flavor to an already delectable dessert. Lemon lovers will swoon over this dessert. Baked in the oven in a water bath for about 30 minutes, then chilled in the fridge for three to four hours, this brûlée is not only delicious but easy to prepare. Top with whipped cream, add a candied lemon peel, and a sprig of mint for a beautiful garnish. 

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    Cafe au Lait Crème Brûlée

    Cafe Creme Brulee

    Tony Robins / Getty Images

    Coffee and cream marry together smoothly in this café au lait crème brûlée recipe. A beloved French dessert, this brûlée is not overly sweet but provides that soft and silky creme mixture with the signature crunchy glass-like topping that these dishes are known for. Plan accordingly, as after baking for an hour, this needs to cool down and be placed in the fridge until chilled. The classic after-dinner flavor pairing makes this crème brûlée a deliciously mellow dessert offering.

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    Lavender Crème Brûlée

    Lavender Creme Brulee

    Enjoy the aroma and flavor of lavender and a hint of vanilla in this lavender crème brûlée recipe. Taking only six ingredients, this special dessert is made with the same steps as other brûlées are, but the perfume of the flowers gives it the feel of Provence. Make sure to buy dried lavender that is intended only for culinary uses.

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    Pumpkin Crème Brûlée

    pumpkin creme brulee

    The Spruce Eats / Diana Rattray

    A pumpkin crème brûlée is sure to be a hit at a holiday party or a fall dinner. Using brown sugar and cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and allspice for spices, this brûlée is the perfect alternative to the standard pumpkin pie. It can be made a couple of days in advance and put in the fridge. Carmelize the sugar with a kitchen torch or under the broiler before serving. 

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    Snickerdoodle Crème Brûlée

    Snickerdoodle Creme Brulee

    The Spruce Eats / Diana Rattray

    You will have the taste of a snickerdoodle cookie in each and every bite of this Snickerdoodle Crème Brûlée. Cinnamon is mixed in with the heavy cream and sugar for the creme and then sprinkled on the caramelized topping for a delicious finishing touch. This dessert is the perfect ending to a fall or winter holiday party meal. While this makes six servings, the recipe can easily be scaled up to accommodate more people. 

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    Traditional Crème Brûlée

    Creme Brulees sugar cracked open to show custard

    The Spruce Eats / Ana Zelic

    The combination of hard caramelized sugar atop velvety-smooth, chilled custard is the undeniable draw to this traditional crème brûlée recipe. A simple-to-make, yet elegant dessert, that takes 40 minutes in the oven and three hours to cool and chill. It is a wonderful make-ahead dessert for dinner parties, and guests will love cracking the brittle sugar tops with their spoons. This crème brûlée recipe is for purists, as it contains only a touch of vanilla and no novelty flavorings.