Flavored Simple Syrup Recipes

Flavored Simple Syrups for Coffee & Iced Tea

This guide to flavored simple syrups includes recommendations for pairings each syrup recipe with coffee, iced tea and other drinks (and sometimes also foods).

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    Lemon-Ginger Simple Syrup Recipe

    Close-up of ginger and lemon
    You can use this simple syrup made of lemon and ginger to make quick lemonade, or to flavor iced tea and other cold drinks. Halfdark/Getty Images

    This flavored simple syrup recipe was created for Lemon-Ginger Iced Green Tea. However, it can also pair well with hot or iced coffees with natural citrus notes and it can make a great base for flavored or sparkling lemonade.
    Variations on this recipe include Lemon Simple Syrup.

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    Brown Sugar & Ginger Simple Syrup Recipe

    Flavouring: Brown Sugar
    This spicy, warming syrup can be used to sweeten and flavor iced coffee, iced tea, hot drinks or cocktails. Floortje/Getty Images

    This deeply flavored simple syrup is best in bold drinks. The recipe was created for Spiked Ginger Coffee Vodka, but you can also use it to flavor masala chai, milk steamers or coffees with natural spice notes.

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    Cardamom Simple Syrup Recipe

    green cardamom pods
    The bright green, football-shaped pods above are whole, freshly dried green cardamom. keithferrisphoto/Getty Images

    This aromatic simple syrup takes a cue from the Middle Eastern origins of simple syrup with an intense cardamom flavor. It's delicious in masala chai, coffees with lighter, brighter flavors, milk steamers and Darjeeling teas.

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    Cinnamon Simple Syrup Recipe

    Cinnamon sticks
    CreatiVegan.net/Getty Images

    Demarara sugar gives this spiced simple syrup a richer, deeper flavor than most. The result is a flavored syrup that's perfect for hot coffee, iced coffee, milk steamers or masala chai. It also works well with Assam tea or Ceylon tea.

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    Strawberry Simple Syrup Recipe

    Strawberries on White Background
    Lauren Burke/Getty Images

    This flavored syrup recipe was created for Strawberry Iced Green Tea. It also works well in other iced green teas, iced black teas, lemonades and coffees with natural berry notes

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    Pomegranate Simple Syrup Recipe

    Cut and whole pomegranate
    Liesel Bockl/Getty Images

    This exotic simple syrup recipe comes from the same place as gomme syrup, a traditional variation on simple syrup. It tastes great in iced green teas or in lighter black teas. It can also be added to lemonades, cocktails and various foods.

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    Rose Simple Syrup Recipe

    Pink Rose Petals
    DawnPoland/Getty Images

    This versatile flavored syrup can be used to enhance hot coffee, iced coffee, hot or iced black teas, iced green teas, certain iced oolong teas, lemonades, cocktails, ice creams and baked goods. I recommend trying it out for an afternoon tea party, Valentine's Day or an anniversary.

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    Lavender Simple Syrup Recipe

    Lavender simple syrup

    The Spruce


    Although this recipe was created to make an ingredient for cocktails, lavender-flavored simple syrup also tastes fantastic in certain green teas, some Ceylon black teas and lemonades. Given the Victorian associations with lavender, it could also make an interesting sweetener for an afternoon tea party menu.

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    Mint Simple Syrup Recipe

    Springs of mint in a glass mug
    Margarita Komine/Getty Images

    The invigorating flavor of mint is captured in this fresh mint simple syrup recipe. Use this syrup to add a burst of mint flavor to your iced black tea or iced green tea, to herbal infusions or to flavored coffee drinks, like flavored lattes.

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    Eucalyptus Simple Syrup Recipe

    Pressed Eucalyptus Leaves Isolated On White
    ClarkandCompany/Getty Images

    The herbaceous flavor of eucalyptus can enhance Darjeeling first flush teas, mint teas and certain herbal infusions, like lavender or cinnamon leaf.

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    Vanilla Simple Syrup Recipe

    Vanilla bean sticks tied together with twine
    meltonmedia/Getty Images

    The soft flavor of vanilla is perfect for lattes, iced coffee, black tea, cocktails and a more refined lemonade. An alternative to this basic recipe is the spicier, bolder Vanilla-Ginger Simple Syrup Recipe.

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    Tea Simple Syrup Recipe

    Cup of tea
    julichka/Getty Images

    This versatile recipe can be used to make green tea simple syrup, Earl Grey simple syrup or any other type of tea-flavored simple syrup. I recommend trying it in milk steamers (for easy tea lattes), sparkling water (for instant 'tea sodas,' like the Earl Grey tea soda pictured here) and in more exotic lemonades.

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    Chai Simple Syrup Recipe

    Elements of masara chai tea
    Chai spices give this simple syrup its rich, warming flavor. Sakura Photography/Getty Images

    This masala chai-flavored simple syrup can be added to black tea, milk tea, coffee or milk steamers for an instantly spicy-sweet flavor. It also tastes great drizzled over ice cream or sweet baked goods.