Floral Candy Recipes

Taste the flower power! This list of floral candies is blooming with delicious recipes. Light, delicate flower flavors are paired with familiar ingredients like raspberries, chocolate, and vanilla to produce gorgeous and unique candies. If you're a floral fan you'll love them, and if you're undecided, give them a try and see if one of these recipes can't persuade you to give flowers a chance! 

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    Chocolate Raspberry Truffles
    Knauer/Johnston / Getty Images

    Raspberry rose truffles are beautiful chocolate truffles with the delicate flavor of roses and tart, tangy raspberries. These candies are a good introduction to floral confections, since the rose flavor is pronounced but not overwhelming, and goes so well with the fruity raspberry.

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    Meringue Rose Pops

    Elizabeth LaBau

    How lovely are these rose-shaped meringue pops? The subtly rose-scented meringues are sandwiched around rich dark chocolate, so each bite has a mix of crunchy and creamy textures and floral and chocolatey flavors. Try giving your loved ones a bouquet of these instead of traditional roses!

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    Rose Marshmallows

    Elizabeth LaBau

    Rose marshmallows have a delicate rose taste to match their light and fluffy texture. These marshmallows are good plain, but I especially love them dipped in chocolate. As a bonus, if you dip them in chocolate, you can top them with real rose petals for a gorgeous garnish! 

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    Lavender Fudge

    Elizabeth LaBau

    This lavender fudge is a smooth, creamy fudge with a melt-in-your-mouth texture and a lovely lavender flavor! They're perfect plain, but to really gild the lily (or the lavender?) give them a chocolate drizzle and a topping of lavender, small fondant flowers, or purple candies.

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    Lavender Milk Chocolate Truffles

    Elizabeth LaBau

    Lavender milk chocolate truffles pair the mild, smooth taste of milk chocolate with the delicate flavor of lavender. We like the way these look when cut into squares and sprinkled with a pinch of lavender on top, but you can roll them into traditional circles and decorate them however you'd like. 

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    Lavender Sugar

    Elizabeth LaBau

    Lavender sugar has the light floral scent of lavender blended right into granulated sugar. It's fast and easy to make this flavored sugar, and it makes a wonderful culinary gift or addition to your stash of baking ingredients.

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    Zest-covered chocolate truffles
    Stefania Di Stefano / EyeEm / Getty Images

    Orange flower water truffles get their exotic flavor from a mixture of orange flower water and cream infused with lemon and fresh mint leaves. These fruity, floral, and herbaceous chocolate truffles are unique and absolutely delicious.

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    How to Make Candied Flowers

    Elizabeth LaBau

    Candied flowers are beautiful, edible flowers that are coated with a thin layer of egg white and sugar to preserve them. Try them on top of a tart, cake, or cupcakes!