How to Make Fondant Rocks for Nature-Themed Cakes

Real Rocks Are Not Perfect and Your Shouldn't Be Either

Michelle Anderson

Realistic looking rocks are very easy to create with fondant or gum paste. It is a fantastic addition to any cake design that has a nature theme. You can also create rocks for stone walls, small pebbles for a path, or a giant boulder for a focal point.

Creating fondant rocks is a fun project that should take just a few minutes and it's perfect for beginners. There are, however, a few tips that will make sure your rocks turn out as realistic as possible.

Before You Begin Shaping Rocks

Study a few rocks - large or small - before you begin to make fondant rocks. Notice how the rocks are never a solid color or a perfect shape. Also, take note that each rock is very different from all the others. So rocks on your cake should not be perfect either! This gives you the freedom to create rocks of all shapes and sizes and, at the same time, frees you from the pursuit of perfection. Have fun with your rocks!

Sculpting your rocks from fondant is extremely easy. Depending on how many rocks you need and their size, it should take 15 minutes or less to complete this task. You do need to allow them to dry overnight before adding them to the cake design.

Gather Your Supplies

To create rocks, you will need just a few supplies and your imagination. If you like, keep a few real rocks near your work surface to serve as inspiration.

  • White, rolled fondant. Knead the fondant to make it pliable and smooth.
  • Cornstarch. Commonly used when rolling out and working with fondant. A light dusting over your work surface will prevent the fondant from sticking.
  • Food coloring. Natural rock colors such as brown, black, and gray are perfect. Don’t mix the colors in completely. Instead, leave streaks to create veins, speckles, and other imperfections in the rock surface.
  • Plastic gloves. When pulling and working with fondant and food coloring, it's always a good idea to wear gloves to avoid staining your skin.

How to Shape Fondant Rocks

Now, the fun part. Shaping rocks is a great project for beginners because there is no right or wrong way to create them. It's also good practice for pulling fondant and working in the food coloring.

  1. Begin with a fist-sized chunk of rolled fondant and add black, brown, and gray food coloring to it in several different spots with toothpicks.
  2. Slowly pull the fondant out, mixing the colors into it and taking care to leave streaks of black and gray in the finished ball. Twist the fondant as well to create interesting patterns of color.
  3. Take a little more white fondant and add it to the color-streaked fondant.
  4. Continue pulling the fondant out until the finished product looks like a veined rock.
  5. Break the color-veined fondant ball into smaller rocks of various sizes as needed for your cake design.
  6. Set aside to dry completely.