Learn more about the history and origins of cooking, food and the culinary arts.
illustration showing differences between parmigiano-reggiano and parmesan
Parmesan vs. Parmigiano-Reggiano
Blue cheese on a plate
What Is Blue Cheese?
Scharfe Maxx raw milk cheese
Raw-Milk Cheese
Seafood Gumbo
What's the Difference Between Creole and Cajun Cooking?
Aged prime rib
How to Dry Age and Wet Age a Great Steak
Who Invented the All-American Cheeseburger?
Chuck Steak
What Is Chuck Steak?
Ocean liner, illustration
Menus on the Rms Titanic From 1912
Friends in coffee shop
The Evolution of the Coffee House
A block of Parmigiano-Reggiano
Raw vs. Pasteurized Cheese Debate
Rainbow gelatin
What Is Gelatin?
Cheese fondue
What Is Fondue?
Oysters on the half shell
How to Tell If It's Oyster Season
Homemade hamburger buns sandwich buns
The History of Hamburger Meat
History of Cheese
The History of Cheese
Rye Bread
What Is Rye?
Champagne Flutes
What Is Champagne?
Two separate bowls of Sriracha sauce
The History and Uses for Sriracha Sauce
Herbal tea bag
Tea Bags: History, Types, Uses, and More
Soul Food - Fried chicken, mac and cheese, collard greens with black eyed peas, biscuits, and sweet tea
What Defines Authentic Soul Food?
Classic Fish and Chips
Traditional British Fish and Chips
Home Canning, Preserving, Pickling Food Stored on Wooden Storage Shelves
The Brief History of Canning Food
quail galantine
Ballottines and Galantines
Evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk
Canned Milk Recipes & History - Evaporated & Sweetened Condensed Milk
types of grits illustration
What Are Grits?
Someone holding a peekytoe crab
What Is Peekytoe Crab?
Jars of Vegemite
What Is Vegemite?
Basil leaves
The History of Basil
Mediterranean diet
What the Ancient Greeks Ate
Passover Seder Plate on dinner table
Traditional Passover Seder Foods
Buffalo chicken wings
What Are Buffalo Wings?
Homemade bagels
Homemade Bagels (Parve)
chestnuts with outer covering
The History of the Chestnut Tree
Saint-Paulin French Cheese
Port-Salut Cheese
afternoon tea
Afternoon Tea in Britain: A Brief History
Potatoes dauphinoise
Potatoes Dauphinoise vs. Potatoes Dauphine
Beef tongue
Is Ox Tongue the Same as Beef Tongue?
Doughnuts recipe
The History of Doughnuts
Cheese fondue
Fondue Cooking Tips and Recipes
Leg of Lamb
The Historical Background of Lamb as Food
anchovies recipes anchovy paste seafood sardines fish receipts food cooking
Anchovy Cooking Tips and Hints
Yukon gold potatoes close-up
Yukon Gold Potato History
Amaretto in a glass
Amaretto Liqueur History
Cinnamon sticks on ground cinnamon
Origin and Historical Uses of Cinnamon
canned tuna fish, can, tin, tinned, food, recipes, receipts
Dolphins and Canned Tuna
Honey dripping off a honey spoon into a glass bowl
What Is Honey?
Jerusalem artichokes
Jerusalem Artichokes/Sunchokes History
Twinkie snack cakes
The History of Twinkies
What Are Pineapples?
Salmon fillet
The History of Salmon as Food
Red pistachio nuts
Red Pistachios, Where Did They Go and Why?
what are mandarins
What Are Mandarin Oranges?
Pâté de foie gras
Pâté de Foie Gras History and French law
Mulled wine with plate of spices
Mulled Wine: Ingredients, Methods, and Traditions
Sweet Potatoes
How to Select and Store Sweet Potatoes
Vanilla, beans, extract, sugar, seeds, recipes, receipts
What Are Vanilla Beans?
Ripe tomatoes on a branch
The History of Tomatoes as Food
Bananas on display at a market
The History of Bananas
Graham Crackers
What Is Graham Flour?
Fresh Broccoli
The History of Broccoli