Are you interested in food preservation or pickling? Understand the basics of this age-old tradition and find useful tips to get you started.
Preserved Pears
Canned Pears
Steaks wrapped in freezer paper
What Is Freezer Paper?
variety of fruits and vegetables in the idesign and spruce home organization containers available a lowe's
How to Extend the Life of Fresh Produce
Kimchi (fermented food)
What is Fermentation?
What to Do With Lemons
wooden spoon with powdered milk
How Long Does Powdered Milk Really Last?
sour cream in a wooden bowl
How Long Is Sour Cream Still Good to Eat?
Brandied Cherries
Spiced Brandied Cherries Recipe
Gingerroot on a plate
How to Freeze Ginger Properly
variety of mushrooms on gray surface
How to Freeze Mushrooms the Right Way
Frozen Apples
Learn How to Freeze Apples
Baked Nachos Tortilla Chips with Salsa, Minced Meat and Jalapenos
Can You Freeze Sour Cream?
Frozen foods
How Long Meat Can Last in the Freezer
lemons packed with salt
How To Make Moroccan Preserved Lemons
Mushrooms in brown bag
How to Store Fresh Mushrooms
Freeze bread
How to Freeze Bread for Maximum Freshness
How to freeze heavy cream in small and large amounts
How to Freeze Heavy Cream
sliced red onions on cutting board
The Quick and Easy Way to Freeze Onions
Cut celery into sticks
How to Freeze Celery
cream cheese open in foil wrapper
How to Freeze Cream Cheese
Freezing butter
How to Freeze Butter
Easy oil pie crust
How to Freeze Pie Dough and Pie Crusts
Confit: A Classical Preservation Technique for Duck, Goose and Pork
Fresh organic dill on new wood surface
The Best Way to Freeze Fresh Dill
Continue beating cream
How Long Is Heavy Cream Good For?
Close-up of hands rinsing greens under water
Keep Lettuce Fresh Longer
Baby Aubergines
How to Freeze Eggplant
Remove browning leaves
How to Freeze Cabbage
A selection of cured meats
What Are Sodium Nitrate and Sodium Nitrite?
Flour in bowl
How Long Is Yeast Good for?
Individually quick frozen (IQF) peas
What Is IQF Food?
The Best Way to Freeze Pears
Kneading pizza dough on a floury surface
How to Freeze Pizza Dough
Steak au Poivre Recipe ingredients
Is Refreezing Steak and Hamburgers Safe?
How to save money by freezing milk
How to Freeze Milk
Frozen raw hamburgers
The Best Way to Package Meat for Freezing
Tomato Sauce From Fresh Tomatoes
How to Make Tomato Sauce From Fresh Tomatoes
Green olive and sprig of leaves in small dish of olive oil, close-up
How to Brine and Cure Your Own Olives
Child reading back of jar
The Shelf Life of Refrigerated Foods
Separate eggs
How to Freeze Eggs for Cooking
close up of fresh cranberries
How to Choose Cranberries and Keep Them Fresh
close up of butter
What Is the Shelf Life of Butter?
Preserved foods
What's Fat Tom? The Trick That'll Help Keep Food in the Safe Zone
Watermelon Smoothie recipe
How to Freeze Leftover Watermelon
Pear Sauce
How to Make Pear Sauce
Shelf Life of Pantry Foods
Jalapeño peppers
How to Freeze Jalapeño Peppers (and Other Hot Peppers)
Open fridge full of groceries
Does Refrigeration Prevent Bacterial Growth in Food?
A jar of honey
Does Honey Go Bad?
Roasted fingerlings
How to Store Potatoes to Keep Them Fresh
Frozen blackberries on table
How to Freeze Blackberries
Dried beans
How Long Are Dried Beans Good For?
Close-up of strawberry popsicle on table
How to Make Strawberry Popsicles
Man carving a cooked ham
How to Freeze a Ham Bone for Later Use
banana split open on cutting board
How to Quickly Freeze Ripe Bananas
Ingredients and equipment for canning pears
Common Methods of Food Preservation
Fresh organic beetroot over wooden background
How to Freeze Beets the Right Way
bag of frozen peas
How Long Can Food Be Frozen and Stored in Freezer?
Peanut butter granola wrap sandwich
Pantry Staples
Sterilizing canning jars
How to Sterilize Canning Jars