Freda Muyambo

F. Muyambo

Freda, a London based African cuisine enthusiast, is a food writer, blogger, an electrical engineer and the home cook. It has been her personal mission to promote African food as one of the world's greatest cuisines and to dispel the perception that African food is boring, fatty and unhealthy. Her passion for African food, and the way she presents it beautifully, is more than enough to whet your appetite.


Freda comes with an interesting twist in her cultural identity. She often describes herself as a Pan African in pursuit of mastering the art of the African Pan. Freda identifies herself with several African countries, having intimate knowledge of the food cultures of Ghana, Botswana and Zimbabwe through parentage, birth and marriage respectively. 

When Freda started her quest to raise the profile of African culture, there was little known about what Africa had to offer in terms of cuisine, but this is changing rapidly. Freda started her blogging journey in 2010 as a regular contributor at Africa on the blog, covering topics on African culture, travel and development issues. In 2011, she shifted her focus to African cuisine. In a short space of time, Freda's work has been recognised in various publications such the Guardian, the African Economist and even a feature in West Africa's Arik airlines magazine. In 2013, her blog, My Burnt Orange, was listed as one of Africa's 10 best food blogs by the African Economist where she was highly commended for the utilisation of videos as a method of instruction. 


Freda holds a B.Eng in Electrical Engineering from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University, Australia, and a M.S.c in Construction Economics and Management from University College London (UCL) in the United Kingdom. She also considers herself fortunate to be able to receive first hand informal education in African food culture from her community.

Freda Muyambo

I cooked my very first dish when I was eight years old, with my father by my side. I boiled pasta. My father was so proud of me that he told the entire neighbourhood about my achievement. Since then I have delved into the world of cooking through travel and often following recipes from cook books and TV shows if I want to learn something new. When it comes to African cuisine however, I find that I can only ever cook from my head and from my heart. This stems from years of cooking alongside my mother, who is a food and nutrition teacher with over 35 years of experience. My mother is a true inspiration and the culinary secrets of African cuisine, the rhythms of flavour, the mesmerising aromas, and the heart and soul of good, traditional food passes on from mother to daughter when we meet.

I now have the honour of passing it onto you as your guide on African Cuisine. Join me.

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