Learn the basic ingredients used in French cuisine, various cooking techniques and more.
Brown Butter
Brown Butter (Beurre Noisette)
Melting butter for beurre blanc sauce.
What Does "Monter au Beurre" Mean?
Monter au Beurre
Monter au Beurre
Woman cooking and following a recipe
10 Easy French Recipes Anyone Can Cook
Brut Champagne
What Is Brut Champagne?
Slices of Chateaubriand roast
Is Chateaubriand a Cut of Beef or a Method of Preparation?
Shiraz grapes
Delicious Shiraz / Syrah Wine
Wine Corks
What Is Bordeaux Wine?
Bordeaux Wine Classifications and Basics
Chèvre: cheese made from goat's milk
Chèvre Cheese
Bourgogne, France
Wine From Burgundy in France
Broiled salmon with dill and veloute
Fish Velouté Sauce
Trio of meat pâtés
Garde Manger: Cold Kitchen Foods and Preservation
Pinot Blanc wine being poured into glass
What Is Pinot Blanc Wine?
Red wine reduction sauce
Marchand de Vin: Red Wine Reduction Sauce
Pouring a glass of Merlot
What Is Merlot Wine?
Choron Sauce
Choron Sauce
What Is Liaison?
Salmon en croute
What Is Something Cooked En Croute?
A cutting board with onion, celery, and carrots
What Is Mirepoix?
Vin Chaud (French Mulled Wine)
Vin Chaud (French Mulled Wine)
French Lavender
Cooking and Pairing With French Lavender
Piping choux pastry dough
Choux Pastry: A Double-Cooked, Rich Pastry Dough
A tray of canapés.
What Are Canapés?
Allemande sauce
Allemande Sauce
Smoked andouille sausage
The Origin of Andouille Sausage
Malbec wine grapes
What Is Malbec Wine?
Grilled Salmon with Wine Sauce
Bercy Sauce for Seafood
Caramelizing the top of a creme brulee
Creme Brulée, the Simple and Elegant Custard
Fresh Herbs in Cheesecloth
Spice Sachet in Cooking
Fresh herbs in a woven basket on a garden fence
Fines Herbes Classic French Seasoning Mix
Cooked frogs legs with green beans on a plate
What Are Frog Legs?
wine pairings
The Basics of French Food and Wine Pairing
Botrytis Cluster
Sauternes and Sweet Bordeaux Wine
French Market
French Cooking Basics
Roast beef
Béarnaise Sauce
How to make creme fraiche
What Is Crème Fraîche?
Fresh sprigs of chervil
All About Chervil
Sauce Robert
Classic Sauce Robert
Filling champagne flutes with bubbly
Champagne and Other Gluten-Free Drinks
red wine being poured
Best Pinot Noir for Under $15
A pot of court bouillon
Court Bouillon
Food prepared a la minute in a restaurant kitchen
À la Minute: a Standard Restaurant Technique
Homemade beef bouillon recipe
Homemade Beef Bouillon With Vegetables
Basic Bechamel Sauce
Basic Medium Bechamel Sauce With Variations
Woman holding mug of hot chocolate with melted marshmallows, mid section, close-up
Chocolat Chaud
French cafe au lait recipe
French Café au Lait
Sous Vide
What Is Sous-Vide Cooking?
Beurre rouge (red butter sauce)
Beurre Rouge (Red Butter Sauce)
Bain marie
What Is a Bain-Marie and How Do You Use It?
Vineyards in the mist at sunrise, Oger, Champagne, France
Getting to Know the Wines of France
Veal blanquette
What Does Fricassee Mean?
People sharing a meal and glasses filled with Pinot Noir
10 Pinot Noir Wines to Try
Chicken Veloute
Chaud-Froid: A Paradoxical Name from Culinary History
Classic pork rillettes
The Reveillon Food and Recipes
Grilled Peaches
Top French Grilling Recipes
Petit Verdot grapes hanging on vines
Petit Verdot Wine from Bordeaux
A Classic French Easter Menu
bottle of beaujolais nouveau
History of Beaujolais Nouveau Wine
Make a Beurre Manie