A Classic French Easter Menu

Fresh Spring Flavor for Paques

This classic French Easter (Pâques) menu makes wonderful use of seasonal spring flavors and ingredients for an appetizing and budget-friendly celebration. The recipes are a great jumping-off point for your holiday celebration--visit the farmer's market to bring fresh variety to this menu. Whether adding a bowl of plump berries or a platter of sauteed asparagus, these dishes combined with the colors and tastes of spring will make your Easter feast even more beautiful and delicious.

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    Cinnamon Palmiers


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    When one thinks of palmiers, the delightfully sweet, flaky cookies also known as elephant ears come to mind. These palmiers cookies are all of that but also with a touch of comforting caramelized cinnamon. You can whip up this cinnamon palmiers recipe ultra-fast, so they're perfect treats for last-minute gatherings or an untamed sweet tooth.

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    French Onion Soup

    French onion soup


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    French onion soup is the perfect first course for your Easter meal and ultimate comfort food. Butter-soft, caramelized onions are cooked down into rich, seasoned beef stock. Top it off with fresh garlic croutons and melted ​bubbly Gruyere cheese, and you have a full-flavored soup indeed. Add a small salad and a glass of wine to make it a meal.

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    Seven-Hour Roast Leg of Lamb

    A piece of roast lamb on a block

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    Try this delicious, tender roast leg of lamb recipe to please and impress your Easter dinner guests. Heartily seasoned with herbs, vegetables, and wine, this leg of lamb is roasted until it's falling-apart tender--for a total of seven hours! The wonderful aroma the lamb and vegetables create as they roast away makes this elegant, yet homey, dish as pleasant to cook as it is to serve. And since most of the cooking time is unattended, you can still devote the day to your Easter traditions, as well as preparing the rest of the celebratory meal.

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    Gratin Dauphinois

    Gratin dauphinois recipe

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    This gratin Dauphinois recipe is the quintessential comfort food. Potatoes are double-cooked in a garlic-seasoned cream and then baked with Gruyere cheese until the gratin is butter-soft. This recipe is the ultimate version of classic potatoes au gratin. 

    The best potatoes for this recipe are those that will be the softest, as you want the potatoes to soak up all of the garlicky cream. If you need to cut down the cream a bit, you can substitute with a little milk. Just be sure not to use all milk as your dish will not result in its signature creamy texture.

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    Browned Garlic Brussels Sprouts

    Browned Brussels sprouts


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    This is a Brussels sprouts dish sure to please even the pickiest eaters at the table. This browned garlic Brussels sprouts recipe caramelizes garlic and Brussels sprouts to sweet, golden perfection. A sprinkle of lemon juice and seasonings provide a healthy way to make the flavors pop in this quick and easy side dish.

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    Orange Tart

    This easy orange tart recipe is a sweet twist on the classic lemon tart sold in pastry shops everywhere. A flaky homemade crust is filled with bright orange custard. A little dollop of Chantilly cream served with the dessert makes the ideal treat.

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    Strawberry Sorbet

    A bowl of strawberry sorbet with a spoon

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    This fresh strawberry sorbet is incredibly bright-tasting and refreshing. Serve as a palate cleanser in between courses, or as a colorful dessert option. It is equally welcome as a warm afternoon refreshment or a shocking palate cleanser in the dead of winter. Make sure to use fresh berries for this recipe, as frozen strawberries are often lacking in flavor.