Top French Grilling Recipes

Whether you are planning to cook over the coals, stoke the perfect wood fire, or flip the switch to light up a gas burner, these grilling recipes based on classic French cuisine are deliciously in season any time of year. The collection includes both sweet and savory appetizers, grilled fruit, salads, and favorite chicken dishes.

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    Grilled Peaches

    Grilled Peaches

    The Spruce

    This grilled peach recipe is a year-round favorite because it can be prepared outdoors or inside, on a grill pan. It's nearly effortless and very elegant. A favorite French recipe.

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    Grilled Watermelon Recipe

    grilled watermelon
    Grilled Watermelon. Getty Images

    Grilled watermelon has a smoky quality and an intensified sweetness, all at the same time. A perfect melding of summer's flavors, the result is truly splendid. This grilled watermelon recipe is easy to prepare and lends its slightly exotic flavor to a variety of different dishes.

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    Chicken Nicoise Salad Recipe

    Chicken Nicoise
    Chicken Nicoise. Credit: kivoart

    This chicken Nicoise salad recipe provides a delicious way to cool the kitchen in the summer heat. It's an early summer-inspired twist on the classic salade Nicoise, that's effortlessly elegant and well-suited to a luncheon menu.

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    Rosemary Chicken Recipe

    Grilled Chicken with Rosemary
    Grilled Chicken with Rosemary. Stock Food - Getty Images

    Marinating budget-friendly chicken pieces in herb-laced lemon juice, white wine, and oil allows this succulent rosemary chicken recipe to stay juicy through the cooking process. Simple grilled or baked potatoes, a fresh chopped salad, and a plate of fruit turn this into a complete, wholesome meal.

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    Merguez Recipe

    merguez sausages on a grill
    Merguez Sausage. Owen Franken - Getty Images

    Create a trip to Paris in your own kitchen with this merguez recipe. The spicy lamb sausage from Morocco has become classic street food in France. Cumin, fennel, and hot peppers combine to make the uniquely flavorful sausage perfect for tucking into sandwiches, as it is typically served from food trucks. Delicious, yet casual, these sandwiches are served with frites. Dress up the presentation by grilling the sausage and serve it with rice and sautéed vegetables for an easy, culturally rich meal.

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    Grilled Romaine Hearts Recipe

    grilled romaine hearts on a grill
    Grilled Romaine. Lisa Romerein

    Grilled hearts of romaine have picked up popularity within foodie circles and restaurants worldwide. This grilled romaine lettuce recipe works best dressed with strongly flavored vinaigrettes or salty cheeses, but the pure, unadulterated simplicity of salt and pepper is every bit as rewarding.