French Seafood Recipes

Delicious Cajun, Creole, and French Dishes

Seafood is one of French cuisine’s more elegant offerings. Done properly, fish and shellfish present a matchlessly delicate texture and an exquisite fresh flavor. Good quality fresh fish provides a delicious backdrop for any number of seasonings or sauces, from light and mild to rich and spicy. French seafood recipes can range from a simple wine-braised fillet to a rustic backcountry Cajun fish fry to hearty, velvet shellfish bisques. Try one of these fantastic seafood recipes with sautéed...MORE vegetables and a crusty baguette for a special meal.
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    Brandade of Morus
    Moment Open/Getty Images
    Brandade is a purely French specialty of pureed salt cod, but there is some debate over the addition of potatoes. Purists insist that cod alone is enough to create the smooth texture for which the dip is renowned. Other French cuisine experts enjoy the dimension added by potatoes and fearlessly throw them into the mix. This silky version is frequently served in Marseilles.
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    Tuna Nicoise. Paul Goyette
    This lovely entree salad originated in Nice, France, a beautiful resort on the Cote d`Azur (French Riviera). This delightful version sticks close to the original, with only the addition of boiled potatoes and green beans.
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    Lobster Bisque. Elisa Nobe

    Briny lobster meat swimming in thick, seasoned cream makes this bisque substantial enough for a light lunch. Pair it with baguette slices, avocado and romaine Salad , and a glass of Chardonnay for a sublime experience.

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    Creamy Oyster Soup Recipe

    Oyster Soup. Aaron Gustafson

    This pureed soup is a wonderful starter course served with crusty hard rolls or as a light lunch accompanied by greens and a fruit salad. It is made with white pepper, which is a little hot and spicy; use black pepper if a mellow taste is preferred.

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    Braised Halibut Provencal. Charles Haynes

    This classic French dish features the bright flavors of Provence: garlic, shallots, fennel, tomatoes, olives, and fresh sage. Serve it, along with a healthy serving of the pan sauce, over couscous.

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    Cognac Shrimp with Beurre Blanc Sauce. Lars Gundersen
    This easy main dish is quick and easy to prepare, with a super-rich beurre blanc sauce and cognac-spiked sauteed shrimp. Serve it with couscous and red pepper bean salad.
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    Coquilles Saint-Jacques. Flickr user "DearBarbie"
    This recipe is traditionally served on little scallop shells, but ovenproof ramekins are a great substitution. Coquilles Saint-Jacques is most often eaten as a first course, or appetizer, but can be used as a delicious seafood entree.
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    Fish with Toasted Pecan Butter Sauce Recipe

    Fried Fish. Ben Stephenson

    This fish in toasted pecan butter sauce recipe takes the homey flavors of a backcountry Cajun fish fry and merges them with the elegant nuances of a New Orleans restaurant. Pureed toasted pecans add incredible depth and silky texture to a garlic and hot pepper-infused butter sauce. This fantastic meal can be made so easily that it works for a thrown-together weeknight meal or a planned dinner party.

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    Oyster Fritters Recipe

    Oyster Fritters - Beignets D'Huitres. Hajime Nakano

    This oyster fritters recipe is limited to locations where fresh oysters are available, but what a treat it is! Naturally salty oyster meat is coated with a savory sparkling wine batter and deep-fried until it turns hot and crispy. The unique coating is flavorful alone, but can be punched up with either a splash of vinegar or a bit of horseradish-lemon garnish.

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    Wine-Poached Salmon With Black Truffles Recipe

    Salmon in Creamy Truffle Sauce. Kok Robin
    A creamy, earthy truffle sauce accents this savory, wine poached salmon dish nicely. It can be made into an economical dinner by substituting inexpensive truffle oil for the chopped black truffles.