17 Traditional French Spring Recipes

Use this menu to create the perfect seasonal dishes

French Market
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When springtime comes, the air is scented with warm rain and fresh vegetation. Nowhere is this truer than in France. The metropolitan areas, already bustling, get an extra shot of energy as young and old alike come out to revel in the sunshine. The countryside wakes up, too, as giddy livestock trot off their cabin fever and farmers prepare in earnest for the growing season ahead.

Because French cuisine is based largely on seasonal foods, the classic French kitchen gets a creative awakening in the spring. The heavy textures and rich flavors of winter are replaced with bright fruits and vegetables. Historically, the food was literally lighter in preparation for the energy and mobility needed for preparing households and farms for the upcoming warm months of growing and harvest. Because the national cuisine is so firmly rooted in tradition, lighter fare during spring is still the custom today.

Spring Vegetable Recipes

Springtime recipes always make the most of colorful and fresh-flavored vegetables. Here are some favorite French recipes that focus on delectable late-season vegetables.

Egg Recipes

Egg production increases during spring and there are a variety of lovely quiches, tarts, and crepes to celebrate the season.

Meat and Poultry Recipes

Lamb is a traditional entrée choice for the spring months, but not the only one. There are plenty of beef, pork, and poultry recipes, creatively paired with seasonal ingredients that are perfectly suited for spring.

Seafood Recipes

Seafood is a year-round delicacy in French cuisine. Here is a selection of fish and shellfish recipes featuring spring-appropriate ingredients and textures.

Fruit Recipes

Fruit is a common dessert during warmer months; it’s in season, so it’s incredibly fresh, and it’s light. Here are some delicious and easy fruit recipes that won’t weight you down.

Chocolate and Nut Recipes

The French love chocolate and nuts, so these recipes never go out of season. Maintain a healthy diet with these spring-theme recipes.

Spring is a versatile season for ingredients, so there will always be delicious food available for even the pickiest of eaters. Mix and match these recipes to create your perfect spring menu.