French Tart Recipes

Elegant Pastry Desserts

These tart recipes are easy to make when you need an elegant dessert. Easily customized with different fillings and pastry, they are the ultimate treat for special gatherings.

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    Chocolate Tart Recipe

    Chocolate Tart. ©Sarah Katzenell

    The wonderful thing about treating yourself with a chocolate tart is that a little bit will satisfy any chocolate craving. A flaky, buttery tart shell filled with a creamy, rich chocolate ganache makes a sophisticated dessert alongside a mellow cafe au lait. For a deliciously cool contrast, serve it with a dollop of lemon pastry cream as a garnish.

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    Almond Tart Recipe

    Almond Tart. ©Stuart Spivak

    This almond tart recipe makes a caramelized, delicately crunchy dessert. If you want to serve the tart as individual treat, simply pour the filling into tartlet pans. A little dollop of Chantilly cream served with the dessert makes the ideal treat.

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    Apple Tarte Tatin Recipe

    tarte tatin
    French Tarte Tatin. Ben Monk Getty Images

    Adding a touch of lemon zest and spice really perks up this classically delicious apple tarte Tatin recipe. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream or Chantilly cream to the dessert for a rich after-dinner treat.

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    Fig Tart Recipe

    Fig Tart
    Lew Robertson/Getty Images

    Traditionally, this fig tart is a summer recipe. With a little ingenuity, though, you can soak dried figs and use them year-round for a delicious dessert. The caramelized fig filling is warmed up with a splash of port wine and enlivened with a bit of blackberry jam.

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    Lemon Tart Recipe

    Lemon Tart recipe

    The Spruce 

    This is the quintessential French tart, found at patisseries and cafes year-round. Cool, sharp lemon filling contrasts nicely with the flaky, slightly sweet pastry.