9 Fresh Ways to Cook Green Beans

It makes me sad to think that most people only ever eat steamed green beans. Don't get me wrong, steamed green beans can be delicious, but there are so many other ways to prepare and enjoy snappy summer (and fall) vegetables. A few of my favorite ways to cook them are below.

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    Braise Them

    Braised Romano Beans. Photo © Molly Watson

    Along with frying and grilling, braising is one of my favorite ways to cook green beans. Rather than cooking them to a trendy crisp-tender texture, this method slowly cooks green beans until they are extremely tender and infused with the flavor of the cooking liquid, but stops short of turning them mushy. They are pure perfection next to a roast chicken

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    Fry Them

    Buttermilk fried green beans

    The Spruce

    It may not be a very common way to cook green beans, but frying them certainly is a delicious one. I like to serve these as an appetizer, often with small grape or cherry tomatoes alongside to provide a bit of sweet snap. 

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    Grill Them

    Grilled Green Beans
    Grilled Green Beans. Photo © Molly Watson

    It's true: You can grill green beans. And not for nothing. Grilling intensifies the grassy, vegetal flavor of green beans beautifully. 

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    Marinate Them

    Marinated Green Bean Salad

    pxhere / Public Domain 

    Soaking quickly steamed green beans in a bright vinaigrette like the shallot-infused one pictured here—takes advantage of their study texture and ability to absorb flavor. Marinated beans work as a salad or a side dish and are particularly delicious alongside a hearty grilled steak. See a recipe for Marinated Green Beans or Green Beans in Jalapeno and Mint.

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    Pickle Them

    Jar of Green Bean Pickles
    Pickled Green Beans.

    Jeffrey Coolidge / Getty Images

    These bright, crispy refrigerator pickles are easy to make and add their spicy kick to any relish tray, crudité platter, or a very special Fresh Tomato Bloody Mary

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    Put Them In a Casserole

    Classic holiday green bean casserole

    The Spruce

    Baking green beans in a saucy, flavorful mix and topping them with something crunchy is a Thanksgiving favorite. 

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    Roast Them

    Roasted green beans

    The Spruce / Julia Hartbeck

    Roasting gives green beans crispy edges to contrast their tender insides. It's a delicious and easy way to cook green beans, whether for one or for a crowd. 

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    Serve Them In a Salad

    Green Bean Red Onion Salad
    Green Bean Red Onion Salad.

    The Spruce / Molly Watson

    Raw green beans might be a bit much for most people— that's a lot of vegetal goodness. Yet, I love using green beans in salads, even if I lightly steam them first. Two favorites are this Green Bean Red Onion Salad and Green Beans With Shallot Vinaigrette.

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    Steam Them

    steamed green beans

     The Spruce / Diana Rattray

    Steaming is a classic method of cooking green beans. When steamed to a crisp-tender texture and dressed with a bit of fresh butter, sea salt, and freshly ground black pepper, fresh garden green beans are a complete delight. See details on how to steam green beans.