10 Fresh Fruit Smoothies You'll Love

Start Up the Blender, It's Time for a Smoothie

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Smoothies are great and they're something that we all love, we just may not always have the time to pull out the blender and mix one up. The great thing about smoothies is that they can be as complicated or as simple as you like and there are an infinite number of flavor combinations that you can create. Oh, they're also healthy, too, so that's a bonus.

Let's explore the smoothie -- from basic fruit recipes to some very creative creations with international flair and a number of...MORE health benefits. None of these contain alcohol, either, so be sure to share them with your children and teach them the greatness of the smoothie.

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    Banana Smoothie
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    The Banana Smoothie is a great place to begin with these blended concoctions. The recipe is very easy, a great way to use up bananas, and a nice practice round to get the right smoothie texture, which is nice and smooth - not too runny, not too stiff. All you need is some bananas, honey, vanilla extract, ice, and yogurt... simple. 

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    Tropical Mango Smoothie
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    If you're looking for a smoothie that's just as easy but a little more tropical, this is the one for you. Add milk and ice and you have this delicious Mango Smoothie f. It is a simple blend and perfect for those hot days of summer and, if you like, toss in some banana and coconut. 

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    Watermelon Smoothie
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    When you read 'Watermelon Smoothie' you'll probably think that this recipe is an ordinary watermelon-flavored drink with nothing more than the fruit. However, this one is very interesting and a great example of the possibilities in making flavorful smoothies. It includes lime, mint, and ginger, the latter of which adds a fun contrast that you have to taste to believe.

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    Red smoothie
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    It's time for a little international influence and La Tizana is an amazing fruit smoothie. The blend comes from Venezuala and includes almost every fruit the market holds including pineapple, mango, strawberry, grape, banana, and orange along with limeade and grenadine. Few drinks will get fruitier than this and it is fabulous.  

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    Blueberry Kale Smoothie
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    We'll break up the list with a couple of smoothies that use kale. It's one of the latest healthy "superfood" trends and, as many will attest to, an acquired taste. Sometimes ingredients like kale need a little something to hide behind this is a perfect example. This recipe adds orange juice and a heap of blueberries, which do a wonderful job at taming the kale taste. You get all the nutrition with a lot more flavor. 

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    Ultra Green Smoothie
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    Kale is healthy on so many levels and one of the things it is used for is to detox the body of all that nasty stuff we put into it. This great smoothie is filled with liver cleansing greens, including kale and dandelion. This recipe is a little more kale-heavy than the previous one, though there are other ingredients like lemon, apple, ginger, and the optional banana to make it more palatable.

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    Ginger Plum Smoothie
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    The next smoothie blend includes two unlikely companions, ginger, and plum. The Ginger Plum Smoothie is very simple and, as she says, a perfect reason to hoard plums. To add a little more background to the smoothie, she uses orange juice and the yogurt creates that smooth, silky texture that makes the smoothie so lovely. 

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    Virgin Miami Vice Smoothie Recipe
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    Let's get back to the slightly indulgent smoothies and enjoy this Virgin Miami Vice. It's a layered smoothie that includes one layer of pineapple and coconut and another that adds strawberry and lime to the base mix. It's a fun one to make with kids and I like to save a little of the first mix to make multiple stripes. 

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    The Coco Colada is a non-alcoholic version of the Pina Colada
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    This Coconut Smoothie has us traveling back to Venezuela. If you love coconut -- and I mean a lot of coconut -- you'll fall in love with this smoothie because it uses both shredded and cream of coconut with two milks, a hint of vanilla, and a dash of cinnamon. It's fabulous and she includes tips for working with fresh coconut if you want to get a really fresh smoothie. 

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    Mocha smoothies
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    We'll finish this list with an indulgent yet nutritious smoothie. The Chocolate Banana Smoothie tastes like a chocolate milkshake, but it's actually healthy. The key to this tasty recipe is vanilla soy milk, yogurt, and a chocolate hazelnut spread like Nutella.