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Island Creek Oysters

 Island Creek Oysters

Pop bivalves any day of the week, anywhere you please, by ordering a dozen online. These oysters prove fresh and ready to eat and all you need is a shucking knife and bottle of bubbles or a cold martini to chase it all down.

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    Catalina Offshore Products

    Oriana Poindexter_Catalina Oysters
    Oriana Poindexter_Catalina Oysters.

     Oriana Poindexter_Catalina Oysters

    Located in San Diego, this seafood supplier is known for sushi-grade fish and they are ready to ship just about any fresh shellfish to you overnight as well. This includes farm-raised Mission oysters, a plump and firm bivalve out of San Quintin Bay and Erendira in Baja California and Mexico. These Pacific oysters get placed in an oyster grow-out bag to be tied to a steel rack in the ocean where the currents move them around and help them grow to about three to four inches before they're harvested.

    One dozen runs $28.99 and overnight shipping in the United States runs $25 for California residents and $50 for everyone else. That is unless you buy $300 worth, which is about 124 oysters, then shipping is free.

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    Giovanni's Fish Market



    At the family-run, 30-year-old Giovanni's Fish Market and Galley in Morro Bay, California, visitors can taste some of the best and freshest seafood around, and that includes oysters. In fact, it's right next door to an oyster farm. Considering the area is known for its bivalves, this just makes this spot all the more desirable.

    Lucky for us you can get these shipped right to your door, no matter how landlocked your state is. Choose from all sorts of varieties including Kumamoto, Kusshi, Grassy Bar, Hollie Wood, Blue Point, Fanny Bay, and more.

    Prices start at about $24 for a dozen and shipping rates start at $20 in California and $50 outside of the state. Every order gets sent overnight, so you know it's almost as fresh as eating an oyster straight off the boat.

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    Island Creek Oysters

    Island Creek Oysters

     Island Creek Oysters

    Caviar and oysters delivered to your home? What else could one possibly need, aside from a shucking knife and maybe a crisp bottle of muscadet? Save for the wine, you can get both products when you order the block or house party pack (also includes shrimp). Or just get your bivalves a la carte. Choose from Wellfleet, Mookie Blues, The Damn Yankee, Moon Shoal, and of course, Island Creek oysters. 

    The vertically integrated Island Creek Oysters in Duxbury, Massachusetts was started by Skip Bennett, the son of a lobsterman who fell in love with raising clams and oysters. While not all the bivalves hale from where the Island Creek Oyster farm is located, they are all sustainable oysters and harvested daily.

    Prices range from $95 for three dozen to $350 for the epic block party pack that includes 100 oysters and 250 grams of caviar, as well as free overnight shipping.

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    Taylor Shellfish Farms

    Freshly Shucked Oysters
    Oysters with Tabasco Sauce. Photo © Hybrid Images/Getty Images

    Real oyster love is teaching your kids and your kids' kids to shuck, grow, and worship the bivalve. Which is why Bill and Paul Taylor, along with their brother-in-law Jeff Pearson, are carrying on the family tradition and offering some of the best oysters around. Since 1890 this family has had a stake farming shellfish in the waters of the Puget Sound, and now you can get these Pacific Northwest oysters anywhere in the states. All you have to do is order online. 

    Once you decide you need these tasty zinc and protein bombs, choose from an array of sizes and types. These include the specialty Totten Inlet Virginica oysters, which only grow in the area; extra small and small Pacific oysters; larger grilling varieties; and already shucked oyster meat in a container.

    Prices start at $40 and overnight shipping runs $10 for Western Washington and Northwest Oregon; and $40 for the rest of the country. Keep in mind they only ship out Monday through Thursday, which means the fresh oysters are delivered Tuesday through Friday. 

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    Real Oyster Cult

    Real Oyster Cult

     Real Oyster Cult

    One of the neat things about this small oyster business is how many delicious varieties of oysters they are able to offer. The reason? It's not one farm selling oysters, but a curated selection from over 70 farms. This means you will never know what might be on the menu. Could it be the briny and sweet Paine's Creek from Massachusetts? Or maybe a dozen meaty Summer Loves from New London Bay in Canada?

    The Real Oyster Cult also harvests bivalves from their own farm in Duxbury Bay. Dubbed ROC Reserve, these petite, heart-shaped shells contain a nugget of sweet, seaweed-tinged meat that's crave-worthy for any oyster fan. 

    Buy the oysters in bundles or join the oyster of the month club for a tasty surprise every four weeks or so, and an oyster bar experience delivered to your door. Regional shipping is now free in New England, and outside of New England rates vary up to $42.

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    Rappahannock Oyster Co.

    Rappahannock Oyster

     Rappahannock Oyster

    Since 1899 Rappahannock Oyster Co. has been a family operation out of the Chesapeake Bay. It's both a beloved source for chefs all across the country, as well as a great provider for oyster lovers who want to shuck in the privacy of their own home. 

    Make sure to try the signature Rappahannock River oysters, a mineral-rich bivalve with a sweet, buttery essence that's been growing since the company started. They also sell Olde Salt, a super briny oyster grown off the coast of Chincoteague; and the Rochambeau, which are crisp and clean, like the muscadet wine of the oyster world.

    All cost $25 for 25, and are shipped from Virginia. The shipping rate is based on where you live and how much you buy.