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The Spruce Eats Takes a Peek Inside the Fridges of Our Favorite Creative People

Pailin Chongchitnant from Hot Thai Kitchen

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Maybe it's because we're so food obsessed here at The Spruce Eats, but we are endlessly curious about what people keep in their refrigerators. Are you a secret pickle collector? Do you have pounds and pounds of greens for smoothies? Or is yours empty save for a half-empty bottle of chardonnay and a pack of batteries? What do the contents of your fridge reveal about you?

We want to know—we're kind of nosy that way! So we've been asking some of our favorite creative people to open their doors to us. These brave, generous souls are giving us the full download on all their favorite hot sauces, their leftovers, and the surprising non-edible things they keep in the fridge. Come take a peek with us via The Spruce Eats Fridge Stories series.

Welcome to the Fridge Stories

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    Pailin Chongchitnant from Hot Thai Kitchen

    Cookbook author and YouTube creator, Pailin Chongchitnant (@hotthaikitchen on Instagram and Hot Thai Kitchen on Facebook) gives us a fridge tour on episode 8 of Fridge Stories. From ginger scallion oil to fish sauce, Pailin shares her fridge must-haves to prepare a delicious feast for her family or recipes featured in her cookbooks and website.

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    Nisha Vora of Rainbow Plant Life

    Vegan food blogger Nisha Vora gives us a fridge tour in her San Diego home on episode 7 of Fridge Stories! From deep-fried tofu puffs to vegan miso to homemade vegan condiments, Rainbow Plant Life shares her must-haves for vegan cooking.

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    Fermented Food-Loving Chef King Phojanakang

    You've seen Chef King in his chef whites (er, Led Zeppelin t-shirt), whipping up culinary gold, but have you seen what's inside his refrigerator? Pro chef and creator King gives us a fridge tour in his New York home on episode 6 of Fridge Stories. From his many fermented items to his Small Axe Peppers hot sauces, King shares his fridge must-haves as a chef in New York.

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    YouTuber Beryl Schereshewsky

    Filmmaker and YouTuber Beryl Schereshewsky gives us a fridge tour in her New York City home on episode 5 of Fridge Stories! From her go-to condiments to the ingredient she traveled an hour and a half to get, Beryl shares her fridge must-haves as a YouTuber making dishes from around the world.

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    TikTok Breakout Creator Zaynab Issa

    Recipe developer, writer, and food TikToker Zaynab Issa (@zaynab_issa on TikTok and Instagram) gives us a fridge tour in her Long Island, New York home on episode 4 of Fridge Stories! From her kale and roasted chickpea salad to her favorite snack, Frank's Red Hot & Cape Cod Kettle Chips, Zaynab shares her fridge must-haves as a writer, recipe developer ,and TikToker living in New York. Learn more about Zaynab and our other favorite TikTok cooking creators.

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    DIY & Garden Blogger Stacie Abdallah of Stacie's Spaces

    Home Blogger, DIY Expert and mom to 3, Stacie's Spaces (@staciesspaces on Instagram) gives us a fridge tour in her Atlanta suburbs home on episode 3 of Fridge Stories! From her kids' favorite snacks to fridge organization tips to the best BBQ sauces, Stacie shares her fridge must-haves as a working mom to teen boys.

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    Street Style Photographer Martin Romero

    Fridge Stories is back! Martin Romero (@martsromero on Instagram) is Filipino, a photographer and makes his own kimchi in his tiny NYC kitchen! From his favorite Filipino dishes such as Rice Cakes and Aligue Fried Rice to his love of Maggi Savor and Fried Shallots to his favorite post-workout snack, Martin takes us on a fridge tour that's comforting and familiar :)

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    Cat-Loving Video Producer Heddy Hunt

    Every fridge has a story to tell! Take a tour of our Video Producer Heddy Hunt's, NYC apartment fridge in the first episode of 'Fridge Stories'! From best products to get at Trader Joe's to freezer organization hacks to some inspiration for spring cleaning your refrigerator - this fridge tour is packed with all kinds of goodness! What does your fridge say about you?! Subscribe to The Spruce Eats for delicious recipes, one-of-a-kind hacks & more every week!