The 9 Best Frozen Snacks to Have on Hand of 2020

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I’m a huge fan of a well-stocked freezer, stocked with both things I have made – like Bolognese sauce and chilies and black beans – and prepared items to get me out of a pinch. Every once in a while a warm snack is just what my kids are craving, and it’s nice to have some ready to go that they are going to love and I am not going to fill remorseful about serving. And, now that my kids are older, they can heat these up themselves, which is yet another bonus of a planned-ahead freezer.

Farm Rich Jalapeno Poppers

Farm Rich Jalapeno Poppers

 Courtesy of Farm Rich

Farm Rich has a crazy-enticing array of frozen snacks, many the kind of food you get at good, upscale fast casual restaurants. Think classics like Jalapeno Poppers, Mozzarella Sticks, and Loaded Potato Skins. But there are also some newer offerings like Pimento Cheese Bites and Avocado Slices, with crispy coatings. If you want to bring the best kind of "bar food" into your house (and who wouldn't) these are great to have stashed in the freezer for a movie night snacking binge.

My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream

My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream
My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream. My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream

 You may have tried mochi in a Japanese restaurant, as it is a Japanese treat. It has a really fun texture, with the ice cream being encased in a sweet, soft rice dough, that has a bit of chewiness from the freezer. Now it’s available for you to bring home, in 7 flavors: Double Chocolate, Ripe Strawberry, Green Tea, Sweet Mango, Vanilla Bean, Cookies & Cream and Mint Chocolate Chip. 110 calories per piece

DiGiorno Crispy Pan Pizza

DiGiorno Crispy Pan Pizza
DiGiorno Crispy Pan Pizza. DiGiorno

These new pizzas come in their own pans to ensure a nicely crisped crust. The crust is thick but light, not doughy, and the whole thing is topped edge to edge with cheese (and pepperoni if you choose that version), so no bite is left naked. A rousing thumbs up from a group of teenage boy testers. Made with 100% real cheese, no artificial flavors.

Amy's Snacks

Amy's Snacks

 Courtesy of Amy's

Flavors such as Nacho Cheese and Bean, and Spinach Pizza all were inhaled. The Burrito Bean and Cheese variety was the first to surprise the boys in my family who didn't think a meatless burrito snack would be so good, but they pronounced it had “great taste,” and “just the right mix of beans and cheese.” All of the snacks are organic and vegetarian.

Annie's Mini Pizza Bagels Three Cheese

Annie's Mini Pizza Bagels Three Cheese

 Courtesy of Target

Look, if you have tweens or teens on occasion you need to find something in the pizza department to satisfy those cravings. Annie’s version has 10 grams of protein, no artificial flavors or colors, 100% real cheese, and it’s made with organic flour and tomatoes.  They met with great approval from my boys (surprise, surprise). These are available plain and with uncured pepperoni.

Ian's Frozen Onion Rings

Ian's Onion Rings
Ian's Onion Rings. Ian's

Ian's is known to be a super allergy-friendly company, working to make popular snacky foods into gluten-free and other common-allergen-free versions. The onions rings, baked in the oven, were ready quickly, with a light crunchy batter, thanks to a dip in batter and a coating of crunchy cornflake crumbs.  They have a range of items geared towards snacking, so good to know if someone in your family has allergies or intolerances.

Amy's Swirls

Amy's Swirls Artichoke and Parmesan
Amy's Swirls Artichoke and Parmesan. Amy's Swirls

We really liked the flaky pastry and the not-run-of-the-mill flavors.  The favorite flavors were Artichoke and Parmesan, and the Pesto.  The texture is different if you make them in the microwave or the oven or toaster (as with all foods). Organic and vegetarian.

Bibigo Mini Wontons

Bibigo Mini Wontons Chicken and Vegetable
Bibigo Mini Wontons Chicken and Vegetable. Bibigo

These chicken and vegetable wontons are bite-sized and cook up in a skillet in 5 minutes, and in a microwave even less.  There was a grabbing frenzy when I put them on the table.  You can also add these to soups, but they were adored by the handful.

Looking for more snacks?

hands grabbing picnic food
hands grabbing picnic food. Briony Campbell / Getty Images

Honestly, the quest for a great snack never ends. Get ready for school with these back to school snacks. No need to stress about what's going in your kid's lunchbox, there are plenty of healthy options out there, as well as gluten-free! And for when you're craving something sweet, check out these sweet snacks. Snacking on-the-go? Try these, which are also perfect for warmer weather.

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