11 Fun, Funky and Designer Cocktail Shakers

Shake It up in Style

Standard cocktail shakers are a great tool to have in the bar, but sometimes you want something with a little more style and these cocktail shakers are definitely filled with panache.

The great thing about the cocktail shaker is that it is the perfect item for the innovative designer to play with and there have been shakers in almost any design imaginable. Some are works of art as much as they are bartending tools and others are just plain fun.

While these shakers have a great visual appeal, they...MORE are also meant to function. Some of them do a better job of that than others, and a few are probably best left as shelf decor -- really cool decor, mind you.

A number of these at the top of the list are also designed by today's best designers and their prices reflect that aspect. Toward the bottom, you will find shakers that reflect the by-gone days of another era in the cocktail scene and are either vintage or have a retro inspiration.

There is such a variety out there to explore and, as any bartender knows, you can never have just one!

  • Nambe Twist Cocktail Shaker

    Nambe Twist Cocktail Shaker

    Sophisticated and stylish, the design of this stunning shaker is based on a spiraling helix and it is made of a thermal-retentive metal that, when chilled, adds an extra chill to any cocktail shaken inside. It is a true piece of bar art.

  • Ralph Loren Montgomery Cocktail Shaker

    Ralph Loren Montgomery Cocktail Shaker

    This stunning shaker from Ralph Lauren has a masculine, almost skyscraper feel to it. Made of nickel over brass with a silver plate, it can also be engraved with a monogram on the lid for that extra personal touch.

  • Alessi Chiringuito Cocktail Shaker

    Alessi Chiringuito Cocktail Shaker

    A sleek, very unusual design, the Chiringuito Cocktail shaker is a fantastic addition to any bar with style. This 2004 creation of Ron Arad has been designed to "mimic the motion of liquid" and resembles a stretched stainless steel teapot which includes a strainer that compliments its lengthy shape.

    This unique cocktail shaker does make shaking a little challenging, but the style is worth it.

  • Nambe Curve Cocktail Shaker

    Nambe Curve Cocktail Shaker

    Nambe always has a great collection of designer cocktail shakers that rotate in and out through the years. The 'Curve" is one of the current pieces that was designed by Steve Cozzolino.

    The stunning bronze finish on this shaker is simply elegant and it will quickly become the showcase of any bar's collection.

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  • Alessi Mirror Finish Cocktail Shaker

    Alessi Mirror Polish Cocktail Shaker

    Alessi is another company that creates fantastic designs when it comes to cocktail shakers and this is one of their favorite designs.

    It was originally designed in 1957 by Luigi Massoni and Carlo Mazzeri and comes in 8-1/2 and 17-ounce sizes. It is both beautiful and practical to use.

  • Jazz Age Vintage Cocktail Shakers

    The Jazz Age Vintage Barware

    The Jazz Age is the best source for vintage barware and it is run by today's authorities in cocktail memorabilia.

    We're not talking about reproductions here, these shakers are the real thing. Many date back to the 1930s when shaker design included everything imaginable and if you are looking for truly unique and collectible barware, this is the place to get it.

  • Norpro Pete the Penguin Cocktail Shaker

    Penguin Cocktail Shaker

    It is delightfully whimsical and the perfect chilled companion for a themed home bar. This retro 1930's design was inspired by penguin shakers of that era that disguised their real purpose during the days of Prohibition.

    You can still find the original penguin shakers and other deceitful shapes at antique markets and websites like The Jazz Age (see above).

  • Godinger Airplane Cocktail Shaker

    Godinger Airplane Cocktail Shaker

    Another throwback design, this airplane cocktail shaker is a fun piece of barware that will quickly become a conversation piece. It is certainly one of those shakers that is more form than function, but it does work and is too much fun to pass up. Maybe an Aviation is in order?

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  • Viski Rocket Cocktail Shaker

    Viski Rocket Cocktail Shaker

    If you have ever wondered what it would be like to shake a martini on the moon, then this is the cocktail shaker for you. It is not far from the standard 3-piece shaker, however, the tail fins give it all of its space-age charm.

  • Football Cocktail Shaker

    Football Cocktail Shaker

    You know that we love to mix cocktails and game day and now there is a cocktail shaker that is perfect for the occasion. This football-shaped shaker is fun to mix with and gives you that feel of throwing a long pass while mixing up your favorite Manhattan.

  • Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker

    Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker

    One of the new shaker designs made for the practical person, the Mason Shaker is a fun tribute to the Southern tradition of moonshine in a mason jar. It's a four-piece shaker and has become quite popular.

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