11 Fun Layered Party Shots That Go Down Smooth

Buttery Nipple Shots

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Layered party shots are fun to experiment with. They allow you to create colorful little drinks that only require you to have a basic understanding of bartending skills. This category includes a number of the most popular shots, including the B-52 and flaming Dr. Pepper.

Iconic bar recipes like this allow you to practice and master your layering technique. Once you're comfortable with floating liquids, you can create your own shots using whatever is in your liquor cabinet. In order to know which ingredients will float on top of another, simply reference a specific gravity chart.

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    B-52 Shots

    The Spruce

    The B-52 is arguably the best known of all the layered shots we mix up in the bar. Not only is it a colorful and fun little drink, but it also tastes great.

    For this iconic shooter, you'll layer Kahlúa, Baileys, and Grand Marnier. The result is a tasty mix of coffee and orange with a creamy center, which is why so many people love it. If you don't have these liquors on hand, don't worry. There's an entire family of B-50 shooters, so there's sure to be one that matches your bar stock.

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    Butterball Shot (aka Buttery Nipple)

    The Spruce Eats / Julia Hartbeck

    Another timeless recipe, it's hard to resist the butterball. This shooter is super simple, so you should have no problems creating nice, clean layers. It's made with a short shot of butterscotch schnapps topped with half a shot of Irish cream. It is as delicious as it sounds and looks great in a shot glass.

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    Nutty Irishman

    Nutty Irishman Shooter

    The Spruce

    The Nutty Irishman is an iconic mix and there are many ways to make it. Though you can serve the drink as a slow-sipping lowball on the rocks or with coffee, the shooter is the one that attracts the most interest.

    The key to any Nutty Irishman is the combination of Irish cream and Frangelico. While the smooth, nutty shot can be shaken, it's also a great candidate for an Irish cream float.

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    Nutty Fix

    Nutty Fix (aka Russian Qualude) Layered Shot Drink

    The Spruce / S&C Design Studios

    Though it often goes by another name, the nutty fix is another legend of the bar that has been enjoyed for decades. Again, while there are a few recipes for this specific drink. The most popular of these pours a hazelnut liqueur like Frangelico, then Irish cream, and tops it with vodka. Yum!

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    Flaming Dr. Pepper

    Flaming Dr. Pepper Shot

    The Spruce / S&C Design Studios

    Many drinks, both shots and cocktails, use a rum float for one very specific purpose. By topping a drink with high-proof rum, you can set it on fire. That is what takes the flaming Dr. Pepper from good to great.

    It is a spectacle really, but a fun one nonetheless. The shot is made of amaretto, topped with 151-proof rum, and lit aflame. Blow it out, drop it in a pint of beer, and you'll find out how it got the name.

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    Candy Corn

    Candy corn shooter

    The Spruce / Julia Hartbeck 

    Perfect for Halloween parties, the candy corn shot looks great in a glass. It's also pretty smooth going down, so it's a good, all-around shooter.

    The layers in this recipe include Galliano, orange curaçao, and cream. They produce that yellow, orange and white look of the popular candy, though you'll probably like the taste of this shot a little more.

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    Superman Shot

    Layered Superman Shot
    S&C Design Studios

    Superman shots are named for their vibrant blue, red, and yellow layers of color. Made up of yellow banana liqueur, blue raspberry liqueur, and red cherry liqueur, they go down easy. Their extra fruity flavor and fun presentation make them a festive shot at any party. Make sure to pour the cherry liqueur first, even though the bottom layer is yellow. The banana liqueur will sink to the bottom.

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    Fourth of July

    Fourth of July Shot Drink

    The Spruce / S&C Design Studios 

    ​Show off your patriotic spirit with the simple Fourth of July shooter. This one features a trio of layers that give you a glass filled with red, white, and blue goodness.

    The shot happens to be a very gentle one. Unlike its counterparts, the alcohol content is low because the bottom layer is grenadine rather than a liquor. That is then topped with peach schnapps, then blue curaçao, leaving you with a sweet, fruity flavor.

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    Irish Flag

    Irish Flag Shooter

    The Spruce

    Replicating the colors of another flag, this shooter has a unique taste and great eye appeal. It's a fun one to pour the Irish Flag at a St. Patrick's Day party.

    For this shot, you will begin with green crème de menthe, float Irish cream on top of that, then finish it with Grand Marnier. The green, white, and orange layers come together easily and look great in the glass.

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    Irish Frog

    Irish Frog Layered Party Shot

    The Spruce / S&C Design Studios

    If creamy orange and mint is not your ideal flavor combination, you might want to try the Irish Frog. This shooter has a taste that everyone will love and it requires just two ingredients: Irish cream and Midori. The creamy melon flavor is different but pleasant, and the simplicity of these layers make it nice practice for your floating skills.

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    Jelly Bean

    Jelly Bean Shot

    The Spruce / S&C Design Studios

    A very fun shooter, the Jelly Bean has a great flavor. It's another triple-layered shot and the density of the ingredients makes it an easy pour. Like a bag full of the namesake candy, you can customize the flavor. The first layer gives you a choice between blackberry brandy and grenadine (pomegranate). Float an anise liqueur to add the taste of black jelly beans, then top that with peachy Southern Comfort.