12 Fun St. Patrick's Day Shots

Irish Flag Shooter

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St. Patrick's Day is one of the year's biggest parties, and a fun way to celebrate is with a round of alcoholic shots. While you could mix up any shooter you like, this party calls for lots of Irish whiskey, Guinness, and green drinks to fit the Irish theme.

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    Guinness & Green Jello Shot

    Guinness & Green Jell-O Shots

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    This fun jello shot recipe is sure to get the party started. It's a little more involved than the rest, but the Guinness & green shooter is worth the time and effort. Gelatin flavored with Guinness Stout and Irish whiskey make up the bottom layer. The top is Irish cream gelatin tinted with green food coloring. It's a simple and enjoyable project that's sure to please.

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    Pickleback Shot

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    For a straight shot, few can beat the bold taste of the famous pickleback. It has taken over the Irish whiskey scene, and St. Patrick's Day is a perfect excuse to taste it for yourself. To make it, you'll pour one shot glass of Jameson Irish Whiskey and one of pickle juice. Drink one and then the other and enjoy the sensation. It's hard to say why this combination works so well, but it does.

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    Irish Slammer

    Irish Slammer (Irish Car Bomb) Recipe

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    One of the most famous shots in American bars, the Irish slammer features a trio of iconic Irish alcohols. It's always a hit, though the combination of Guinness, Irish cream liqueur, and Irish whiskey does pack a big punch. You'll mix the liquors in a shot glass, then pour the dark stout into a pint, and whether you choose to drop it or chase it is up to you.

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    Irish Flag

    Irish Flag Shooter

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    Put your bar skills to the test with a layered shooter. It's fun and straightforward and, when made correctly, it takes on the colors of the Irish flag. The bottom is green crème de menthe, the middle is Irish cream, and the top is Grand Marnier. The three layers not only look great, but they also taste pretty good.

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    Nutty Irishman

    Nutty Irishman Shooter

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    With a name like the nutty Irishman, you know that this is a fun little drink. The nut flavor comes from Frangelico, and it's topped with your favorite Irish cream. Make it as a layered shot or shake it up and serve it in a frosty shot glass. Either way, this one goes down nice and smooth.

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    Irish Frog

    Irish Frog Layered Party Shot

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    The Irish frog takes on a completely different flavor profile. Built in two layers—a melon liqueur, such as Midori, and Irish cream—it's a tasty little drink. It's an interesting combination, and you may even be back for a second round.

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    Shamrocked Shooter Recipe

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    Get ready to be shamrocked! This easy shot is ideal when you can no longer concentrate on the Irish frog's layers. Simply pour Irish whiskey, Midori, and Irish cream into a shaker, mix it up, strain it, and drink it down. It's a perfect way to end St. Patrick's Day, especially if you have a catchy Irish toast ready.

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    Green Tea Shot

    Green Tea Shot With Jameson Irish Whiskey
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    Irish whiskey is the star of the green tea shot. It doesn't include tea or really taste like it, but someone thought it look like green tea, so the name stuck. Instead, this shooter pairs whiskey with peach schnapps and sour mix, while a splash of soda makes it a bit more invigorating.

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    Grasshopper Shooter

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    As green as you can get, the grasshopper is a guaranteed sensation at any party. The creamy mint-chocolate shot mixes up quickly, goes down with ease, and is one of the best-tasting shots you can mix up.

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    El Vocho

    Milagro Tequila's El Vocho Shooter Recipe

    Milagro Tequila

    Turn to this unique tequila shot when you're ready to spice up the party. El vocho is a two-part shooter that puts a fun twist on the classic sangrita. In one glass, you'll pour a shot of reposado tequila. The chaser mixes pineapple, cilantro, and mint with a spicy jalapeño kick, which you can mix up in advance.

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    Melon Ball

    Melon Ball Shooters
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    A fruity shot, the melon ball is the tamest recipe of the lot. Its combination of melon liqueur, pineapple juice, and vodka is delicious, so this little green drink can quickly become a crowd favorite. Mix up a big batch before the party, and all you have to do is pour, share, and drink.

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    Incredible Hulk

    Incredible Hulk Cocktail

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    A popular club drink, you can serve the Incredible Hulk in its original form or strain it into a few shot glasses. No matter which you choose, be sure to mix it in front of others. The color transformation that occurs when cognac meets the pale blue color of Hpnotiq is half the fun. It's like science class for adults!