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Game of Thrones Inspired Meal
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As in Game of Thrones, Winter is coming. Before the temperatures cool and the snow falls, try your hand at these rustic dishes, which are fit for any queen or commoner across Westeros. From the beaches of Dorne to the gates of Winterfell and everywhere in between, we found 14 delightful dishes and drinks to keep you warm, well-fed and on the throne. Warning: our recipes are well seasoned (and peppered with spoilers).

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    Iron Skillet Throne Roast Chicken

    Iron Skillet Roast Chicken

    The Spruce 

    Don’t be afraid of cooking a whole chicken! This juicy and delicious roasted chicken is a breeze to cook in an iron skillet. Featuring a mix of seasonings, it tastes better than store-bought rotisserie, cooks in under 60 minutes, and is more than enough to feed you and your squire.

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    Hot Pie’s Hot Pasty

    Traditional Cornish Pasty Recipe

    The Spruce

    You don’t need to trek to the Inn at the Crossroads to get a taste of Hot Pie’s cooking. This pasty features a thick pastry crust and hearty meat filling, perfect for munching while you meander along the Kingsroad.

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    Wildling Boar Stew

    Tuscan wild boar stew in chocolate sauce with polenta

    This savory dish features a rich, complex sauce with a surprising ingredient—dark chocolate. Substitute the boar for your favorite game and you’ll have a hearty meal to keep you warm and full as you travel north of the wall—just beware of White Walkers.

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    Arya’s Meat Pie

    Meat pie

    Derek Cooper Photography Inc / Getty Images

    Don’t worry, there’s no cannibalism here! This meat pie is the perfect way to use up your leftover beef. Just add your meat to the mixture of vegetables, potatoes, and sauce, top with a perfectly flaky crust, and you’ll have a fleshed-out meal that’s perfect to serve to friends or enemies.

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    Fire-Roasted Targaryen Chicken

    Grilled Tarragon Chicken
    James And James / Getty Images

    Fly over to Dragonstone for this perfectly roasted chicken. The special blend of garlic and tarragon is so good, you’ll almost forget about conquering the seven kingdoms.

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    Baked Dill and Lemon Trout

    Baked whole trout recipe

    The Spruce Eats / Julia Hartbeck

    Head south to Dorne for this light and freshly baked trout. If you’ve never cooked a whole fish, this recipe is an easy way to get introduced to the technique. Just stuff the fish with a delicious blend of fresh dill, lemon, and seasoning and you’ll have a succulent dish to fill you up before your voyage across the Narrow Sea.

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    Little Finger-ling Roasted Potatoes

    Fingerling Potatoes

    Tetra Images / Getty Images

    There’s nothing untrustworthy about this classic side. Just lightly coat with olive oil and our secret blend of seasonings and you’ll have a dish worth writing home about. (Where’s that raven?)

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    Flea Bottom Bread

    French Country Sourdough Artisan Bread
    Steve Lupton / Getty Images

    Also known as landbrot, this country bread is a savory overnight sourdough. Typically made in large quantities to last each week, this yeastless bread is made with a traditional levain build that leaves your loaf chewy, airy, full of flavor and pairs perfectly with a bowl o’ brown.

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    Lannister Red & Gold Cherry Pie

    Cherry pie

    Schon & Probst / Getty Images

    A Lannister always pays his debts...and serves a delightful dessert.. A golden, flaky double crust soaks up the delicious red cherry filling, making this a dessert worth scheming over.

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    Cersei’s Brandy Mulled Wine

    Mulled Spiced Wine

    The Spruce

    More wine? Always. Who minds a Night King at the gate when you’re sipping a warm mug of mulled Dornish red. Seasoned with traditional spices, sliced orange and sugar, we've added brandy for an extra boozy kick that Cersei would approve of.

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    Mother of Dragons Martini

    Dragonfruit Martini

    This frosty martini is fit for any Khaleesi. Featuring a refreshing blend of iced dragonfruit, lime, and vodka this cocktail is perfect for cooling down after a long day of roasting your enemies.

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    White Walker Cocktail

    UV Liberty Cocktail with UV Blue Vodka
    Westend61 / Getty Images

    End your day wight with this strong electric blue drink. All you’ll need is a touch of UV Blue vodka, raspberry sherbet, and lemon-lime soda and you’ll be marching amongst the army of the dead in no time.

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    Ice and Fireball Jon Snow Cone

    Fireball Jon Sno Cone for Game of Thrones
    Teisuke Shinoda / Getty Images

    This Jon Snow cone features spicy fireball and refreshing shaved ice to pay homage to the song of fire and ice. Jon would’ve bent the knee much earlier if Khaleesi had served this at Dragonstone.