Gas Grills between $500 and $1500 Buyer's Guide

Gas Grill Buyer's Guide for Grills Selling Between $500 and $1500

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As grills between $500 and $1500 (see my list of the Top 10 Gas Grills between $500 and $1500 for specific recommendations) can be great grills. You can get a lot of features, versatility, even heating, and durability. You can also get gimmicky grills loaded with unnecessary features. In the column of durable gas grills in this price range and products from Weber, Napoleon, Broil-King, and Broilmaster, but there are also many others. There are great grills here but few of them are going to be available at the major retailers. The big box stores will have grills in this price range, but you need to be careful of these because quality has been sacrificed shiny metals and poorly built extras.

What to Look for in a Gas Grill between $500 and $1500

In this price range you want to look for a grill that grills. Sounds redundant but focusing on the cooking abilities of a gas grill will help get you something you will enjoy using, will use more, and therefore will get more out off. A grill that doesn't cook well, won't get used, and is a waste of money. Avoid grills that are entirely stainless steel because that stainless isn't going to be of the best quality and won't retain its appearance for long. You will find that most grills in this price range have some stainless. Less is generally better.

What I recommend avoiding is any grill labeled as a grill island. In this price range you are not going to get a good quality grill island and most of these types of grills are poor in quality and short in durability. Also, avoid grills with built-in refrigerators or ovens. It might seem like a good idea but you are simply adding another point of failure as well as a limited feature that you probably don't need. If you really need an outdoor refrigerator but that separately and look for something better than the units built into gas grills.

When shopping for one of these gas grills do a thorough examination. Lift the lid and give it a shake. These grills should feel solid, have heavy-duty internal components and good quality steels. Get inside and look at the burners. You will generally find that these burners are stainless steel (304 stainless) tubular burners. They should be strong and well mounted.

I suggest that you skip the big department and hardware stores and look for specialty retailers in your area. If your research leads you to a grill you want, you can contact the manufacturer for an authorized dealer in your area. Some of the better grills in this price range do not have wide distribution but in this age you can almost always find a way to get one to your house.

What to Expect from a Gas Grill between $500 and $1500

These grills should perform like the best of appliances. The heat should be high enough to sear meats and even enough to keep you from moving food around the cooking surface to get everything done at the same time. Most of these grills come with side burner and many have rotisserie burners. Most of these grills also have several available accessories for them that will expand your grilling abilities.

Gas grills in this price range should easily last 5 years and with moderate care make it past 10 years. Warranties of the name brand grills here reflect this and even if you do have problems it shouldn't cost you to see that repairs are made. Look forward to good customer service from the brand name grills, but don't expect the same from the store brand products. Remember to register your grill when you get it so you can streamline any warranty claims you might make over the years.

How to Care for a Gas Grill between $500 and $1500

These gas grills should be built better and their less expensive counterparts and while you need to keep it clean and covered you shouldn't be expected to perform extensive maintenance tasks. It is important that you actually read through the manual so you know the best way to care for your gas grill. As a quick tip when it comes to cleaning your grill, turn up the heat to the maximum when you are done grilling. This will burn off excess grease and dry the inside of your grill. If you just turn off the grill when you are done all the moisture and grease will just sit in there until you fire up the grill the next time. This can cause corrosion on the valuable internal components.

While these grills are better built than most of the less expensive models you may still experience some of the Common Grill Problem. Knowing your grill and how it works can save you several headaches when it comes time to use it.