Learn German terms, essential ingredients, cooking techniques and more fundamentals of German food and cooking.
Pasta with a glass of white wine
Pairing Riesling Wines with Food
Schnapps illustrated explainer
What Is Schnapps?
German Crown Cake (Frankfurter Kranz)
German Crown Cake (Frankfurter Kranz)
A bowl of cream of white asparagus soup in bowl
Stir up Some Spargelsuppe (Creamy White Asparagus Soup)
Carrots onions and leeks
Suppengruen - Carrots, Onions and Celery
Raclette melting cheese
Swiss Raclette Cheese
Johannisbeeren Rispen - Red Currants
Johannisbeeren and Schwarze Johannisbeeren - Red and Black Currant
Classic goulash
Hot Paprika and Tomatoes (Gypsy Sauce) for Schnitzel
Rapeseed fields
What Is Canola Oil?
Fresh butter
Learn About Butter and How It's Made
Ramson leaves and chopped on a cutting board
What Are Ramsons or Barlauch?
Mulled Spiced Wine
Spiced Mulled Wine
German Green sauce with potatoes and hard boiled eggs
Frankfurt's Famous Green Sauce
Frikadellen recipe
Make German Fried Meat Patties
Bircher muesli
Original Swiss Bircher Muesli
Christmas cookies from Lambertz Bakery
Buying Guide for German Food Products
what is celeraic illustration
What Is Celeriac?
Peppermint Schnapps in a Martini Glass
What Is Peppermint Schnapps?
Wheat Flour
Baking German Bread
Stock pot with carrots, celery and onions
German Flädlesuppe
Erdbeerbowlein in glasses
German Strawberry Wine Punch Recipe
oxtail soup with bread
German-Style Oxtail Soup (Gebundene Ochsenschwanzsuppe)
Brezel soft pretzel recipe
Authentic German Soft Pretzel (Laugenbrezeln)
Sugar with vanilla beans
Vanilla Sugar
Tsatsiki - Greek Yogurt Cucumber Sauce
Greek Yogurt-Cucumber Sauce - German Tsatsiki
15 Classic German Recipes Everyone Should Know
Viennese Hot Chocolate in cups
Viennese Hot Chocolate
Swiss Potato Rosti
How to Make Swiss Potato Rosti
Nuernberger Lebkuchen - Gingerbread Spices
How to Make German Gingerbread Spice
Close-Up Of Hazelnuts On Wooden Table
The Hazelnut - Haselnuesse
Eierlikoer German Egg Liqueur in glasses and a glass bottle on a marble tray
Eierlikoer German Egg Liqueur
Gewurztraminer grapes
What Is Gewurztraminer Wine?
Pharisaeer Kaffee - Coffee With Rum
German Coffee With Rum (Pharisaeer Kaffee) Recipe
Soft curd cheese with garnish
How to Make or Buy German Quark Cheese
Burning fire pit in a back yard
How to Set up a German Schwenker Grill
Glass of white wine
What Is Riesling Wine?
Cumin powder in spoon, cumin seeds on table
How Are Cumin and Caraway Different?
Mettwurst sausages, close-up
Types of German Rohwurst Sausage
Riesling grapevines
Riesling Wine Rules
Smiling woman sharing wine with friends
Best Affordable Riesling Wines to Try
Strawberry-beer punch
German Beer and Wine Cocktails
An above look at a bowl of baking powder
German Baking Powder