German Bread & Pastry Recipes

Bread and baking are an integral part of German culture. Browse recipes for traditional sourdough bread, strudel and more.
German Lebkuchen - German Gingerbread
How to Make Lebkuchen (Traditional German Gingerbread)
German Country Bread, Bauernbrot, Vollkornbrot
10 Homemade German Breads
German sourdough bread
Sourdough Starter
German Seed Bread
German Seed Bread (Dreikernebrot)
Stack of sliced oatmeal bread
100% Whole-Grain Oatmeal Bread From Scratch
seed bread
Copycat Seeduction Bread
How to fold bread dough
How to Fold Bread Dough
High angle view of various bread loaves
How to Make Better Bread
Bread making yeast FAQ
The Ultimate Guide to Baking Bread With Yeast
Fastnacht Deep-Fried Doughnuts
German Fastnacht Deep-Fried Doughnuts
Turkish Flatbread Fladenbrot
Turkish Flatbread (Fladenbrot) Found in Germany
German spice cookies recipe
Spekulatius (German Spice Cookies) Recipe
Chilean Dulce de Leche Doughnuts - Berlines
Chilean Dulce de Leche Doughnuts (Berlines)
Homemade Sourdough Starter
Sourdough Starter Recipe
German Potato Bread- Kartoffelbrot
German Potato Bread (Kartoffelbrot)
German dinkelbrot
German Dinkelbrot: Spelt and Rye Sourdough Bread
German Christmas Stollen
German Christmas Stollen
16th Century Engraving of Italian Physician Alessandro Achillini
Why Do Jews Eat Hamantaschen Pastries on Purim?
Brotchen- German rolls
How to Make Brotchen (German Hard Rolls)
Rye bread
Recipe for Rye Bread with Sourdough (Roggenbrot)
French Country Sourdough Artisan Bread
Landbrot - Wheat Sourdough Bread
German quark cheese recipe
Make Homemade Quark Cheese
Dairy-Free Almond Milk Pudding
Dairy-Free Almond Milk Pudding
German Gingerbread Hearts
German Gingerbread Hearts (Markt Lebkuchenherzen)
lebuchen hearts
Classic German Gingerbread Recipes
Fresh loaf of whole grain bread
Cost of Bread Baking vs Buying Bread
German Osterbrot Easter Bread
Homemade oatmeal bread recipe
Homemade Oatmeal Bread
Easy Baguette (Stangenbrot) Bread recipe
Easy Baguette (Stangenbrot) Bread
Art of spices
German Bread Spice Mixture
Pumpernickel Bread with Whole Rye Berries
Rye Pumpernickel with Sourdough
German rye bread- Vollkornbrot
Whole Rye Bread Recipe
German Poppy Seed Cake - Mohnkuchen mit Eierdecke
Mohnkuchen mit Eierdecke (German Poppy Seed Cake) Recipe
Sandkuchen - German Poundcake
German Pound Cake with Lemon and Vanilla Recipe
German Spent Grain Bread Biertreberbrot Recipe
Biertreberbrot (German Spent Grain Bread)
Swiss Twisted Bread
Little girl making a gingerbread house
German Swiss Chalet Gingerbread House Dough (Lebkuchenhaus)
German New Year's Pretzel
German New Year's Pretzel (Grosse Neujahrs-Breze)
Christmas stollen sweet bread recipe
Christmas Stollen Sweet Bread
old-fashioned gingerbread cake
Modern Recipe Substitutions for Pottasche or Pearlash