German Inspired Recipes to Impress Mom on Her Special Day

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    Mini Spring Vegetable Strudels

    Spring Vegetable Mini Strudel. Lora-Wiley-Lennartz

     Start your meal out right and light with these mini vegetable strudels. 

    This recipe uses a mixture red onion, baby spinach leaves and peas accented with Emmentaler cheese.

    The filling is easily switched up for any palate. Ham or bacon can be added for meat lovers and many other vegetable and cheese variations combinations can be substituted with your favorites.

    Fresh and frozen vegetables work equally well in this recipe. This is a great make-ahead dish. The strudel can easily be reheated in the...MORE oven.

    Recipe found here.

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    White Asparagus Strawberry Salad

    White Asparagus Strawberry Salad
    White Asparagus Strawberry Salad. Lora Wiley-Lennartz

    This colorful spring salad has unusual ingredients and fabulous flavor. The recipe takes full advantage of seasonal produce.

    White parboiled asparagus, fresh strawberries, healthy sprouts, savory Emmental cheese are arranged on a platter then drizzled with a homemade strawberry-raspberry flavored vinaigrette. The salad is finished by sprinkling caramelized cashews over the top.

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    Red Beet Apple Soup With Creamy Toasted Walnut Pesto

    Red Beet Apple Soup Topped with Creamy Walnut Dill Pesto
    Beet Apple Soup with Creamy Walnut Pesto. Lora Wiley-Lennartz

    Beautiful and flavorful, this soup is a stunner to brighten up any winter table. Fresh red beets, shallots, parsnips, and apple are cooked together in apple cider, white wine, and broth, then mixed with cream and pureed to perfection.

    The soup is topped with a simple pesto made with cream cheese, pan toasted raw walnuts, extra virgin olive oil, and dill.

    Recipe found here.

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    Chicken Wrapped in Potato Jackets

    Garlic studded chicken breasts wrapped in potato jackets and pan fried
    Chicken in Crispy Potato Jackets. Lora Wiley-Lennartz

    Tender, juicy, garlic studded and seasoned chicken breasts are wrapped in potato spirals then pan fried to crispy perfection. 

    The dish is garnished with rosemary but you can use any fresh herb you prefer or have on hand. Fresh thyme, basil or tarragon would also be a nice option. 

    Recipe found here

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    Turmeric Honey Marinated Salmon With Red Beets

    Turmeric Honey Marinated Salmon with Red Beets and Blood Oranges
    Turmeric and Honey Salmon with Red Beets. Lora-Wiley-Lennartz

    This is a quick and easy salmon dish with beets, red onions, and blood oranges. The salmon is marinated in a timer, olive oil, garlic honey mixture, seared on the stove top then baked in the oven on top of marinated beet and red onions.

    Dramatic blood oranges and sprigs of cilantro garnish the dish and add extra flavor. 

    Recipe found here.

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    Lavender Bee Sting Cake

    Lavender Bee Sting Cake. Lora Wiley-Lennartz

    Fragrant and delicious, this is a twist on the tradition German Bienenstich (or Bee Sting) cake, using pastry cream lightly scented with lavender and topped with a honey almond crust.

    Recipe found here

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    Rose Petal Springerle

    Traditional Springerle rose cookies made with rose petals.
    Rose Petal Springerle. Lora Wiley-Lennartz

    Here is a reinvention of the traditional Christmas German Springerle into a beautiful, sparkly Mother's  Day version. Instead of the traditional anise seeds, I added rose water and crushed rose petals to the springerle dough.

    Brushing on a touch of pink disco dust to the finished cookie makes them extra special.

    Recipe found here.