How to Use a Tripod for Overhead Shots

You'll see a huge difference in your photos

USA tripod
Evi Abeler

The one piece of gear that will make a huge difference in your photography is a tripod. If you have never had one get a Gorilla Pod to start with! It’s a tripod with flexible legs that you can attach to almost everything. You can connect it to your phone and attach it, for example, to a ladder, broomstick, or lamp fixture for the perfect overhead shot above your workspace, so whenever there is a good moment, you just need to snap a photo. 

Remote Control

You probably wonder how you will tap the release button while your phone is high up in the air. Well, there is an app for that! My preferred app is Trigger Trap, you can set a timer or control your shutter via wifi from another device. With TriggerTrap you can also release your camera via sound, vibration, motion, or a facial recognition sensor. Pretty crazy stuff! I have used the sound sensor with great success. You just clap, whistle, or tap to release the shutter. It’s fantastic!

Shoot Overhead

This is my favorite angle to shoot from! Attach your phone securely above your dinner table. If you are super tech savvy you can set up your phone to send the photos to your TV, laptop, or tablet right away. This allows you to see what you are shooting and you can adjust the scene a bit. Maybe move the table, or add a few more props to your scene. Then when dinner is served and your family is a hungry snap away. I bet you get the best “food at a table” scenes you have ever photographed.

Capture Process

Another perfect scenario for overhead shots. Attach your Gorilla Pod to a ladder or shelf that’s above your workstation (or move your workstation to a place where you can attach the tripod). Even better if you can set up next to a window. Frame your photo and style the scene a bit. Does anything bother you? Get it out of the way. Now, get all your ingredients and tools ready, power your camera and start chopping and prepping away. You’ll love these action shots!

Play With Timelapse, Stopmotion, and Video

When you flip through the images you took via TriggerTrap you might notice how interesting it would be to make a stop animation, time-lapse, or hyper-lapse out of your images. There are plenty of apps that will help you create one or you can select the option right from the TriggerTrap menu.

Do make sure your phone is securely locked in the tripod's holder and that its legs are stable. You do not want your precious iPhone to fall into the stew.