Get Free Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream on Free Cone Day

Get Into the Spring of Things With a Free Ice Cream Cone at Ben & Jerry's

Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's.
Ben & Jerry's

Check back in the spring for details on Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day 2019

Free Cone Day has been happening each year at Ben & Jerry's around the country and beyond since 1979 and is still going on strong, with larger and larger crowds each year.

There are absolutely no strings attached to get your free cone and there's no purchase necessary. Ben & Jerry's does this promotion annually in the spring to show how much they love and support their customers.

Last year, Ben & Jerry’s gave away over 1 million scoops!

Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day 2018

Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day 2018 is on Tuesday, April 10, 2018, from 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

What's Available on Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day

This once a year event is held every year in the spring and anyone who stops in on Free Cone Day will get a free single scoop ice cream cone in their choice of flavor.

There's a limit of one cone per person but you are welcome to bring in everyone in the family to get their own free ice cream cone.

Ben & Jerry's That Are Participating In Free Cone Day 2018

Most Ben & Jerry’s stores participate in Free Cone Day each year, and you can easily check to see if your nearest location is taking part.

You can find out which Ben & Jerry's are participating in the Free Cone Day by visiting the  Scoop Shop Locator. Enter your address or zip code and be sure to check the box before Participate Free Cone Day. Click the Search button and you'll see a list of Ben & Jerry's near you that are participating in Free Cone Day.

If in doubt, give your local scoop shop a call to see if they’ll be giving out free cones this April.

Making the Most Out of Free Cone Day

If you’re not sure what flavor you’d like to get on your free cone, Ben & Jerry’s has a quiz that will help you choose a flavor. Answer 11 questions and you'll get a suggestion on a flavor you might like. You might also want to check out the top 10 Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavors to make a safe bet on trying something that you're going to love.

There are a few ways you can get social with Ben and Jerry's Free Cone Day. Ben and Jerry's have set up a Facebook event so you can RSVP to Free Cone Day and share the event with all your Facebook friends. You can also post all your Free Cone Day photos to Instagram with #FreeConeDay. Your photo might even be featured on the Ben & Jerry's website. 

While you're in line, Ben & Jerry's has some suggestions on how to pass the time in line. The lines can get long on Free Cone Day but they move fast. Those scoop shop employees are all ready to get you your free ice cream and you'll walk out of there with a smile on your face. 

More Free Cone Days This Year

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