Top Gift Ideas for the Vegetarian, Vegan or Health Conscious Chef

Wondering what to get the health conscious or vegetarian chef in your life? Look no further. I've compiled a list of kitchen necessities that any vegetarian or vegan culinary artist would love! Still can't find that perfect gift? Try shopping online at some vegetarian specialty stores to get some good ideas. Got an even better idea? Send me an email and I'll update this list!

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    Soymilk is incredibly easy and quick to make, if, that is, you have one of these handy soymilk makers. All you need is soybeans, water, and maybe a little vanilla for flavoring. I use mine frequently. It has saved me many a trip to the store to just buy soymilk. Plus, since you're making it at home, you know exactly what is in it, and can make your soymilk free of preservatives, additives and sugar.
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    Follow the link above for a few of my personal favorites. Vegetarian magazines are full of great recipe ideas, glossy color photos, health information, news, and tips and tricks. Everyone loves a little light reading now and then, right?
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    Yes, it's cliche, I know. But if you're shopping for a vegetarian or vegan that you don't know very well, or you just want something simple, I'm including this link, only so that you'll know a few of my personal favorite cookbooks. Any of these would make a great gift, for either a new or seasoned vegetarian or vegan.
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    Food Dehydrator

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    With so many people experimenting with raw foods, or simply adding more raw and living foods to their diet, a dehydrator is a great gift for any health conscious chef. Flax crackers, veggie chips and dried fruit are just the beginning! Small food dehydrators start at around $45 while larger models with more trays start at about $150.

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    Sprouts are very easy to make on your kitchen window sill, and these sprout kits do all the work for you. Grow healthy bean sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, broccoli sprouts and more in just a few days and add to salads, stir-fries or raw food dishes. What a creative gift idea - they'll never be expecting a spouter!

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    Donate to a Vegetarian Charity

    A happy calf saved from the slaughterhouse by a vegetarian charity. Image courtesy of Farm Sanctuary

    Why not make a donation to a vegetarian nonprofit charity in your recipient's name? There are plenty of worthy organizations that are doing amazing work to promote vegetarianism, rescue abused farm animals and more. 

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    Vegetarian food is all about flavor, and lots of flavor means lots of spices! If your giftee doesn't already have one, look for a spice rack that comes with plenty of spices, including all of the most commonly used spices in vegetarian and vegan cooking.

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    Can't find what you're looking for? Try browsing for some interesting gifts online. Click the link above to find some of my favorite places to shop online for vegetarian and vegan specialty foods, gifts, organic products, leather-free clothing and more.
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