Gifts for Cheese Lovers

Thoughtful gifts that every cheese lover and foodie will love

If you know someone who loves cheese or is an all-around foodie, the gifts below are perfect for holidays, birthdays or just because. These cheese gifts will thrill a budding cheese lover, a connoisseur and even someone who works professionally in the food industry.

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    Cheese of the Month Club

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    A gift that keeps on giving. This gift is especially great for someone who lives in a town without a gourmet cheese shop, although any food lover will appreciate a monthly delivery of cheese. Many online cheese retailers offer various types of Cheese Clubs. Some send only cheese, others send a combination of cheese and gourmet food items and/or wine. A few online stores to check out:

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    Cheese Gift Basket

    Cheese Basket. Photo from Getty Images. Cheese Basket. Photo courtesy of Getty Images

    Instead of gifting a monthly delivery of cheese, you can send one amazing gift box or basket. All the online stores above offer gift baskets and there are a few more below to check out. Also make sure to check with your local cheese shop. Most can put together a beautiful gift box or basket with cheese and other food items selected by you.

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    Books About Cheese

    Cheese Primer by Stephen Jenkins. Cheese Primer by Stephen Jenkins. Photo courtesy of Press

    A great gift for any food lover. Some cheese books are encyclopedic, some are cookbooks, others are rambling musings about cheese. A few are all three of these things. There has also been a recent surge in autobiographical books that delve into the personal lives of people who sell or make cheese for a living.

    • Books about eating, making, selling and loving cheese
    • Informative cheese books and cookbooks
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    Cheese Classes

    Cheese and Wine Class. Cheese and Wine Class. Photo by J. Meier.

    Check with local cheese shops - many offer classes about cheese that are held in a single session or run for weeks. Some are basic 101 classes that teach about cheese, some involve making cheese or cooking, others explore pairing cheese with beverages. And that's just the beginning. You'll be amazed by how many different topics are covered! The best part is that eating cheese is usually a big part of every class.

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    Serving Accessories and Cheese Platters

    Cheese Plates. Photo by J. Meier

    Anyone who likes to entertain will appreciate a good set of cheese knives, cheese plates and other accessories. Most kitchenware stores have a selection of decorative plates, platters and boards specifically made for serving cheese. Cheese planes and graters are useful gifts and cheese wrapping paper is something cheese lovers rarely own but enjoy having.

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    Home Cheesemaking Tools and Kits

    Draining Ricotta Cheese. Draining Ricotta Cheese. Photo by J. Meier

    More and more people are starting to make their own cheese at home. The most popular varieties are mozzarella, ricotta, goat cheese and farmers' cheese because they are the easiest. You can gather up all the supplies needed for making cheese, or send a cheesemaking kit. Many cheesemaking kits have cute and clever packaging that makes them the perfect gift.