Ginger Recipes and Cooking Tips

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Ginger Selection

Fresh ginger can be found in the produce section of most grocery stores. Look for smooth skin with a fresh, spicy fragrance. Tubers should be firm and feel heavy.

Long length is a sign of maturity, and mature rhizomes will be hotter and more fibrous. Avoid those with wrinkled flesh, as this is an indication of aged ginger past its prime.

Blue-Ring Ginger

If you notice a blue ring after slicing your fresh ginger, do not be alarmed.

It is not mold or fungus. It is simply a Hawaiian variety of ginger known as blue-ring ginger or Chinese white ginger. Pat yourself on the back for your selection because this variety is considered to be superior for its juiciness and bright flavor. They are also larger rhizomes and generally cleaner. The only down-side is blue-ring ginger is usually more expensive.

Ginger Storage

Fresh, unpeeled root should be wrapped in paper towels, placed in a plastic bag and refrigerated up to three weeks. It may also be tightly wrapped and frozen up to two months. (To use frozen ginger, slice off a piece of unthawed root. Re-wrap unused portion tightly and return to the freezer.)

Peeled gingerroot may be stored in Madeira or Sherry wine in a glass container in the refrigerator up to three months. However, storing peeled ginger in wine will impart a wine flavor to the end ginger dish, so you may wish to forego this pre-prepared method for use in dishes where a wine flavor is not desirable.

Dried ginger should be kept in a cool, dark space in an airtight container.

Pickled and preserved ginger should be kept in their original containers in the refrigerator.

Store crystallized ginger in an airtight container in a cool, dark place for up to three months.

Ginger Forms

Ginger is available in six forms: fresh, dried, pickled, preserved, crystallized (or candied), and powdered or ground.

Its flavor is peppery and slightly sweet, with a pungent and spicy aroma. Keep in mind that fresh ginger, much like garlic, mellows with cooking, and turns bitter if you burn it. Know that the ground form has a different flavor, which is most commonly used in sweet desserts and is not normally interchangeable with fresh ginger.

 Fresh Ginger
Available in in two forms: young and mature. Young roots, also called green orspring ginger, has a pale, thin skin that requires no peeling, is very tender and has a milder flavor. It can be grated, chopped, or julienned for use. Mature ginger root has a tough skin that must be peeled away to get to the fibrous flesh and is usually grated, chopped or ground for use.
 Dried Ginger
This form is usually found in whole fingers and also in slices. It is usually soaked in recipe liquid before using.
 Pickled Ginger
Called gari or beni shoga in Japan, this form is pickled in sweet vinegar and is usually colored bright red or pink. It is a familiar accompaniment to sushi and is also eaten to refresh the breath. Available at Asian markets, it should be kept refrigerated in its container.
 Preserved Ginger
Also available in Asian and specialty markets, this form has been preserved in a sugar-salt mixture. It is generally used as a confection or added to desserts, and it is especially good with melons.
 Crystallized Ginger
Also known as candied ginger, this form has been cooked in a sugar syrup until tender and then coated with granulated sugar. It is commonly used in desserts and can easily be made at home.
 Ground Ginger
Also referred to as powdered, this dried, ground form is quite different than fresh. It is readily available in standard supermarkets, and is used primarily in sweets and curry mixes.

Ginger Recipes

•  Apple Mulling Spice Mix
•  Asparagus in Ginger Sauce
•  Asian Beef Noodle Toss
•  Baked Ham in Champagne
•  Barbecue Braised Oxtails with Red Chili Beans
•  Basic French Omelet
•  Bean Soup Mix for Gifts
•  Beet, Lemon, and Ginger Marmalade
•  Blue Ribbon Jerky
•  Bourbon Turkey
•  Braised Oxtails
•  Brisket in Sweet and Sour Sauce
•  Carrot and Turnip Puree
•  Chesapeake Bay Seasoning Mix
•  Chicken Biryiani
•  Chicken with Lime Sauce and Raisin Couscous
•  Chili Crab and Soft Noodles
•  Chinese Asparagus in Ginger-Scented Brown Sauce
•  Chinese Beef Jerky
•  Chinese Beef-Rice Baby Meatballs
•  Chinese Duck Sauce (Plum)
•  Chinese Roast Pork
•  Chinese-Style Barbecued Spareribs
•  Chinese-Style Paella
•  Chinese Turkey with Eight-Treasure Stuffing
•  Clay-Pot Orange Chicken
•  Coffee Cake
•  Couscous Salad
•  Crab Boil Spice Mix
•  Creamy Lentil Soup With Caramelized Onion (Dal Shorva)
•  Crystallized Ginger (Homemade)
•  Dark Fruitcakes
•  Dr Pepper Pork Chops
•  Fresh Fig Preserves
•  Fresh Ginger Ale
•  Garlic Ginger Pork Roast
•  Gingerbread Houses
•  Gingerbread Men
•  Ginger, Carrot & Sesame Pancakes
•  Gingered Carrot and Parsnip Soup
•  Gingered Chicken with Mango
•  Ginger Chicken & Yams
•  Ginger Sauce Recipes
•  Grand Marnier Marinade
•  Grand Marnier Raisin Gingerbread Bars
•  Green Tomato and Apple Chutney
•  Hawaiian Style Jerky (Pipi Kaula)
•  Homemade Worcestershire Sauce
•  Honey-Glazed Spareribs (Crockpot)
•  Hong Kong Pork Chops
•  Indian Mutton Curry
•  Jamaican Hibiscus Drink
•  Jerky - Water Smoker Method
•  Kiwifruit Chutney
•  Lamb in Saffron & Cardamom Cream
•  Lentil Dumplings in Yogurt Sauce (Dahi Vada)
•  Lentils with Zucchini
•  Linguine with Squid and Clams
•  Low-fat White Chili
•  Malay Oxtail Soup
•  Mango Banana Ketchup
•  Mango Chutney
•  Mango Ketchup
•  Molasses Pumpkin Pie
•  Mushroom Ketchup
•  Mutton Stew
•  Mystery Punch with Frozen Hand
•  Orange Ginger Beef and Shrimp Shish Kebabs
•  Orange Ginger Chicken
•  Oriental Beef Jerky
•  Papaya Raisin Chutney
•  Peach Marmalade
•  Pear Chutney
•  Pineapple Ginger Muffins
•  Pork & Peanuts in Lettuce Cups
•  Pumpkin Banana Bread
•  Pumpkin Cranberry Cake
•  Pumpkin Pie Spice Mix
•  Rhubarb Upside-Down Cake
•  Rich Pumpkin Pie
•  Rock Cornish Hens with Grand Marnier (pressure cooker)
•  Smoked Turkey Jerky
•  Spicy Peanut Butter Dressing
•  Spicy Vietnamese Beef and Noodle Soup
•  Steamed Spareribs in Black Bean Sauce
•  Stir-Fried Clams in Black Bean Sauce
•  Stir Fried Spareribs with Green Peppers
•  Stewed Oxtail, Oriental-Style
•  Sunflower Chicken Stir Fry
•  Swedish Glogg
•  Sweet Potato, Lamb, and Sausage Stew
•  Sweet Potato & Spicy Chicken in Coconut Milk
•  Swordfish Steaks with Soy and Ginger
•  Tandoori Chicken (Tandoori Murghi)
•  Teriyaki Chicken Wings
•  Teriyaki Skirt Steak
•  Veal Scaloppine with Ginger and Lime
•  Vegetable Chutney with Garlic
•  Very Creamy Cheesecake (Low-Fat)
•  Watermelon Rind Pickles

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