The 8 Best Gingerbread Kits in 2021

Welcome the holidays with this crafty, family-friendly activity

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Our Top Picks
Everything you need to build your own gingerbread home, from the fresh-baked gingerbread to candy decorations.
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This kit comes with four ready-to-assemble houses, making it a perfect activity for groups or siblings who want to create their own.
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Get silly with this kit, which comes with the gingerbread mix, an icing mixture, and four ninja cutouts.
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It’s not edible whatsoever, but with almost 1500 pieces, it still works as a perfect holiday centerpiece.
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When you want a classic gingerbread house to build, you can't go wrong with Wilton.
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It features eight 4-inch gingerbread houses, so it's perfect for a holiday gathering of several people.
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Why build a house when you can build a gingerbread castle?
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If you want to bake your own gingerbread, you can cut out house-shaped pieces with this three-piece set of cookie cutters.
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Cooler weather and family time means staying inside and spending quality time with one another, and that also means warm fires, hot cocoa, and fun activities to keep everyone entertained and full of the holiday spirit. One of the best ways to indulge in a little holiday fun is by building a gingerbread house! Not only can you build and decorate the house of your dreams, but you can eat it, too!

Kiana Washington, the pastry chef for The Hope Farm in Fairhope, Alabama, says she usually bakes her own gingerbread when she's giving it as a gift that's meant to be eaten, but when it comes to store-bought houses, she recommends Wilton's selection. "The Wilton brand makes for a sturdy nice house, and I usually make my own royal icing and buy my own candies—the kit is just for the house!" Washington says.

Here, we tested and rated some of the best gingerbread houses available on the market so that you can have all the knowledge you need for when the holidays come around.

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Gingerbread kits are seasonal so some of these links may be out of stock. We will update the selection as brands begin offering them again in October and November.

Best Overall: Williams Sonoma Gingerbread House Kit

Williams Sonoma Gingerbread House Kit
What We Like
  • Available in a variety of sets

  • Easy to assemble

What We Don't Like
  • Limited candy decorations

  • Relatively expensive for what's included

For a classic gingerbread house kit that includes everything you need, you can't go wrong with the Williams Sonoma Gingerbread House Kit. It comes with pieces of freshly baked gingerbread, as well as a tray to build on, icing to use as glue, and a variety of candy for decorating, such as gumdrops and holly-shaped pieces.

Each kit yields one gingerbread house that stands around 7-1/2 inches tall, and you can also buy sets of two, four, or six houses—in case everyone in your household wants to make their own.

Best Village: Wilton Welcome to Christmas Mini Gingerbread Village

Wilton Welcome to Christmas Mini Village
What We Like
  • Includes everything you need

  • Christmas light-shaped candies are adorable

  • Reasonably tasty

What We Don't Like
  • Cutting house pieces apart can be tricky

  • No candy canes

  • Basic colors only

With four miniature-sized gingerbread houses, you can put this kit together for yourself or turn it into a group activity! The kit includes everything you need to make the tiny buildings. The four mini gingerbread mansions are about 3-4 inches high, so the gingerbread walls and roofs may be a bit delicate, but even if the pieces break you can still enjoy the sweet treat. During our testing, we experienced the gingerbread pieces being rather hard to cut, but it could be made easier if using a serrated knife.

It also comes with four types of candy and icing to decorate the houses to be as festive as you like, and you can always add on more candy to your liking! The manufacturer recommends making the houses and allowing the icing to set overnight so that the buildings stay sturdy. This edible little village is perfect for a fun holiday activity and makes small holiday centerpieces. 

"The flavor was better than I expected from a kit that was meant more for decorating than for putting on the dessert tray." Donna Currie, Product Tester

Best Funny: Crafty Cooking Kits Ninja-Bread Cookie Kit

Ninja-bread Cookie Kit
What We Like
  • Easy to use

  • Almost everything is included

  • Cookie cutters are reusable

What We Don't Like
  • Cookies were hard, not crisp

  • Colors aren’t very festive

  • Flavor was just fair

While this kit may not be the standard gingerbread house, it’s super cool and unique because it actually includes all sorts of fun gingerbread ninjas! These fighting gingerbread men are taking back Christmas, one deliciously funny ninja at a time. The kit includes a gingerbread mix and plastic molds so that you can create your own custom scenes, but our reviewer notes that the mix requires the addition of softened butter and honey, along with a little water.

The kit includes all the standard fixings like icing, piping bags, and candy beads. These kits make between 10 and 20 ninja-bread men, so everyone in the family can have their own custom silly cookies, and because the molds are reusable, you can make these funny ninjas all year round and with different cookie doughs if you want! 

Best Non-Edible: LEGO Creator Expert Gingerbread House

LEGO Creator Expert Gingerbread House
What We Like
  • Detailed design

  • Reusable for years to come

What We Don't Like
  • Not recommended for those under 16 years of age

  • Very expensive

  • Not edible

If you’re ready for a challenge this year or are a serious LEGO lover, this kit is the one for you! It’s not edible whatsoever, but with almost 1500 pieces, it would still work for a perfect holiday centerpiece, and at over 8-inches high, it's definitely a great conversation starter. This large LEGO block set comes with all kinds of props to make the house feel more like a home, like an entire gingerbread family, a snowblower, furniture, a holiday tree, gifts, and fake candy decorations! This set is recommended for people ages 16 and up, but it is sure to be a great activity for the entire family to use to get into the holiday fun.

Best Scene: Wilton Build-It-Yourself Gingerbread Scene Decorating Kit

Wilton Build-it-Yourself Gingerbread Scene Decorating Kit
What We Like
  • Affordable

  • Fun alternative to a classic gingerbread house

What We Don't Like
  • Sells out quickly

  • Reviewers don't recommend eating it

Wilton is the go-to brand when it comes to gingerbread houses, and this build-it-yourself kit is perfect for creating the quintessential holiday scene. It comes with pre-baked and embossed gingerbread panels, icing, candy, decorating tips and bags, and a cardboard base.

Wilton's gingerbread houses and villages sell out quickly each year, but there are plenty of options to choose from for a variety of skill levels and interests. No matter which kit you go with, Kiana Washington has a simple recommendation: "Have fun and do not stress while making it. It’s a craft! It’s meant to be fun and bring people together!”

Best Town: Wilton Build-it-Yourself Holiday Town Gingerbread Decorating Kit

Wilton Build-it-Yourself Holiday Town Gingerbread Decorating Kit
What We Like
  • Makes eight houses

  • Includes plenty of decorating options

What We Don't Like
  • They are meant to be miniature

  • Cookie pieces are not pre-cut

More gingerbread kits seem to be leaning into having multiple houses in one convenient box, but the Wilton Build it Yourself Holiday Town kit takes the cake (or gingerbread)! It features eight 4-inch gingerbread houses, making a huge town big enough for everyone over for the holidays to partake in. It has some unique add-ons like green fondant, four types of candy, red, green, and white icing, and piping bags. It also has some seriously adorable gingerbread people and icing signs to make your gingerbread town look more realistic and lively.

You can always add your own pantry snacks to make the town even more festive, or use the fondant, icing, and candies to make super cool decorations like Christmas trees, stained glass windows, and anything else your holiday heart can think of.

Best for Gamers: Wilton Build-it-Yourself Super Mario by Nintendo Gingerbread Castle Decorating Kit

Wilton Super Mario Gingerbread Castle Decorating Kit at Walmart
What We Like
  • Fun theme

  • Ready to assemble

  • Pre-cut cookie pieces

What We Don't Like
  • Limited candy decorations

  • Not as festive

  • Not safe for those with dietary restrictions

Why build a house when you can build a gingerbread castle? And not just any castle, but the famous castle from the classic Nintendo game Super Mario. This kit comes with a little bit of everything so you can build the castle of your video game dreams! Of course, there are pre-baked pieces to build the structure of the castle, as well as a gingerbread mushroom cookie decoration, three different types of candy, white and black icing, and red and green fondant.

You’ll need a few tools and basic ingredients to assemble the castle, but nothing you don’t already have at home or couldn’t easily find. However, the set also includes piping tips, a sturdy cardboard base, and a decorative base to make your Super Mario castle look just like the one from your childhood. 

Best Cookie Cutters: The Fussy Pup Gingerbread House 3-Piece Christmas Cookie Cutter Set

The Fussy Pup Gingerbread House 3-Piece Christmas Cookie Cutter Set
What We Like
  • Cuts into dough well

  • Made in USA

What We Don't Like
  • Dimensions are quite small

  • Doesn't include gingerbread dough

Of course, there's always the option to bake your own gingerbread and build houses from scratch! If you go this route, you'll need a set of cookie cutters to make gingerbread pieces that will fit together perfectly, and that's exactly what this kit from the Fussy Pup includes.

You'll get three heavyweight copper cookie cutters—one for the walls, front, and roof of the house—all of which are made in the United States. The finished houses made with these cutters will be around 4-1/2 inches tall, so you'll likely be able to get multiple structures out of every batch of gingerbread dough.

Final Verdict

If you're looking for a classic gingerbread house, you can't go wrong with the Gingerbread House Kit (view on Williams Sonoma). Looking for something nostalgic? Children and adults alike will love building the famous castle from the Super Mario video game (view on Walmart).

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Kiana Washington is the pastry chef for The Hope Farm in Fairhope, AL. She has many years of experience in the restaurant industry and loves to bake her own gingerbread houses and jazz up kits!

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