Gingerbread House Kits and Accessories for Everyone

How to Buy a Gingerbread House Kit That's Right for You

Gingerbread house kits make it easy to get to the fun part of making a gingerbread house - the decorating - fast. Here are a few things to consider when looking for a kit that's right for you:

  1. How big do I want my gingerbread house to be? Most kits are for a gingerbread house that is 6" tall. Want something bigger? Look for a giant gingerbread house kit. Wilton makes one, and it's usually available in craft stores, like Michaels, in December.

  2. Do I want to assemble it myself? Most...MORE gingerbread kits are pre-baked, not pre-assembled. With a pre-baked kit, you will get pieces of baked gingerbread that you put together with icing (included). Pre-assembled gingerbread kits have the houses already put together.

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    Wilton Giant Gingerbread House Kit

    This pre-baked kit is a bit more expensive than most, but it's also nearly 40% bigger. The finished house measures 8-1/4" high x 9" wide by 8-1/2" deep. It also comes with two gingerbread boy cookies in addition to the icing mix and decorations.

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    Create-a-Treat Pre-Built Gingerbread House Kit
    Create-a-Treat Pre-Built Gingerbread House Kit. Create-A-Treat

    Just open the box and start decorating this gingerbread house. Yes, it's that easy, because this gingerbread house comes pre-assembled. The kit includes an icing mix, decorating bag, decorating tips and lots of candy.

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    Wilton Gingerbread Village Kit
    Wilton Gingerbread Village Kit

    If you're a fan of those little Christmas village houses and train sets, this is the gingerbread kit for you. It includes five mini houses, each one measuring about 3" high x 3" wide (each is a slightly different size), plus the icing mix, two decorating bags, tips, candy and cardboard bases.

    This is also a great kit when you have more than one child, and you want each to have his or her own gingerbread house to decorate.

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    Wilton Gingerbread House Mold Pan

    If you're more of a do-it-yourselfer, but you don't want to make a pattern, roll, and cut the gingerbread dough, this gingerbread house pan is for you. Bake the gingerbread, then press it into the pan and assemble. Use my royal icing recipe for the icing (it dries fast). You can also use this gingerbread house pan as a candy mold to make a chocolate candy gingerbread house.

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    NordicWare Gingerbread House Bundt Cake Pan

    This gingerbread house cake pan lets you create a gingerbread house that is truly edible and needs no assembly at all. That's because it's a cake, of course, not a house. But you can still decorate this gingerbread house cake with icing and candy, just as you would a regular gingerbread house.

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    Wilton Gingerbread House Icing Decorations
    Wilton Gingerbread House Icing Decorations. Pricegrabber

    Finish off your gingerbread house or village with these adorable icing decorations. Shapes include a penguin, snowman, reindeer, elf, Santa, Christmas tree, wreath and North Pole sign. Use these edible figures to decorate the outside of your gingerbread house or village.