Giora Shimoni

Giora, a father of four, loves to delight his family and friends in Israel with delicious kosher meals. While speaking the same language and experiencing the same challenges as other kosher cooks, Giora seeks to share the joys of kosher cooking with all who are interested.


Giora began working online in 1994, while he was studying in America, managing a site about Israel for CompuServe. When he moved back home to Israel, his interest in kosher cooking blossomed. With over a decade of Internet experience, Giora decided to turn to the Net once again to interact with those who shared his interest. With the help of his wife Lisa, the Guide to Judaism since 1999, Giora works to make the Kosher Food site a helpful resource, as well as a friendly meeting place, for anyone interested in kosher food.

Giora Shimoni

The goal of the Kosher Food site is to provide you with all the resources you need to buy kosher products, cook kosher food and lead a kosher life.

Kosher means "fit" in Hebrew, and kosher food is food that is "fit" for both body and soul. By not eating scavengers and predatory beasts and by eating food produced under strict supervision and slaughtered in a humane fashion, we are striving for physical and spiritual fitness in our lives. In addition, the laws of kashrut sanctify and elevate the physical world around us. For instance, observing the biblical commandment "Do not cook a kid in its mother's milk" is acknowledging that the animal is God's creature and should be treated accordingly.

Kosher food is one way to lead a more in-tune and conscientious life. I invite you to join in making this site a resource for all who want to celebrate life!

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