Gluten-Free Easter Brunch Recipes

Easter brunch table set

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Celebrate Easter with a traditional brunch menu that's filled with gluten-free items for the guests that don't tolerate the protein well. Although many traditional Easter dishes, such as ham, lamb, and asparagus, are naturally gluten-free, it takes a little creativity to figure out which appetizers, side dishes, and desserts will work best.

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    Gluten-Free Spinach Quiche

    Close up of spinach quiche pie on pie dish

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    A holiday brunch classic, quiche is usually made with a wheat-based crust. However, this gluten-free spinach quiche calls for a shortcrust that is made with almond meal instead, as well as a little bit of specialty gluten-free all-purpose flour.

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    Gluten-Free Crêpes With Raspberry Sauce

    Crepes with raspberry sauce

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    It takes about two minutes to make crêpe batter in a blender or food processor and about 15 minutes to cook a stack of crêpes, which are then drizzled with sweet raspberry sauce. Busy cooks can wrap and freeze cooked crêpes to pull out when guests arrive for a last-minute holiday meal. Everyone will love these gluten-free crêpes with raspberry sauce!

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    Healthier Deviled Eggs

    Deviled Eggs

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    Holiday meals don't have to be full of calories and fat, even if they're focused on being gluten-free. These healthier deviled eggs, which don't have any gluten-containing ingredients, cal for reduced-fat mayonnaise, as well as yellow or brown mustard and dill relish for flavor. The eggs can be served as an appetizer or side dish.

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    Asparagus and Spring Pea Risotto

    Asparagus Risotto

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    Vegetarians and those who can't eat gluten will appreciate this main dish option that is appropriate for their diets. Arborio rice is naturally gluten-free, and asparagus and peas—both quintessential spring vegetables—add subtle, sweet, seasonal flavors to this asparagus and spring pea risotto entree. If guests want to add protein to make it heartier, consider topping the risotto with seared scallops or sauteed shrimp.

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    Creamy Gluten-Free Scalloped Potatoes

    Creamy gluten free scalloped potatoes

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    It's difficult to find a starchy side dish that doesn't contain gluten, but potatoes fit the bill perfectly. When you make scalloped potatoes, simply use sweet rice flour, which is free from gluten but works excellently as a thickener to make a creamy sauce. These creamy gluten-free scalloped potatoes!

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    Gluten- and Dairy-Free Hot Cross Buns

    Hot cross buns on cutting board

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    This recipe for gluten and dairy-free hot cross buns is easy to make and is full of raisins, lemon zest, and spiced flavor. You can make the dough a day ahead of time and refrigerate, making this an easy gluten-free hot cross bun recipe for busy holidays.

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    Spring Crab Salad

    Simple crab salad recipe

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    This recipe for a spring crab salad takes advantage of the first fresh leafy greens of the season. Crab is a nice protein alternative for those looking to cut back on red meat or simply want something that feels a bit more special for an Easter meal.

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    Strawberry Pavlova

    Strawberry Pavlova on plate

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    Skip the cake, pies, and cookies—your gluten-free guests won't be able to eat them anyway. Instead, whip up a light meringue, made from egg whites, and top it with seasonal fresh fruit, such as strawberries. This strawberry pavlova is the perfect ending to a heavy meal.