Gluten-Free Holiday Recipes

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    7 Irresistible Eggnog Recipes

    Gluten-Free Eggnog Recipes
    Irresistible Eggnog Recipes. istockphoto

    Eggnog is so creamy, so rich and a drink synonymous with holiday celebrations. Here are 7 eggnog recipes including a dairy free recipe as well as an egg free recipe. (Raw eggs are linked to risk for salmonella infection. To avoid this serious infection, use pasteurized fresh raw eggs in recipes or make cooked eggnog.)

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    Gluten-Free Appetizer Recipes

    Shrimp Ceviche with Mangoes and Avocado. 2009 (c) Marian Blazes, Guide to South American Food
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    5 Prime Rib and Standing Rib Roast Recipes

    Prime Rib Roast
    Grilled prime rib roast.

    The Spruce 

    Prime rib is a sumptuous holiday entree. Here are some gluten-free prime rib recipes from the Guide to Barbecues and Grilling, Derrick Riches.

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    Find and Cook a Gluten-Free Holiday Ham

    Gluten-Free Ham Resources
    Make sure your ham is gluten-free!. istockphotos

    Ham is a holiday tradition in many homes. Hams, like turkey may be injected with a solution during processing that contains gluten. According to the following manufacturers, listed products are gluten-free. Always read labels carefully because not all products by these manufacturers are gluten-free.

    • Honeybaked Hams®
    • Boars Head Provisions Company - Gluten Free Ham Products

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    Seafood - Fast, Easy and Delicious!

    Holiday Seafood Recipes. istockphotos

    Crab legs! So easy to prepare and so succulent!

    • Crab legs are a terrific holiday alternative to red meat dishes.
      Steaming or grilling crab legs is so fast and easy — a real no-fuss entree.
    • Bargains on king or snow crab can be found during the holidays. Check out your local shopper's clubs, like Costco and Sam's for some great deals.
      Eating crab takes time- a perfect entree when you plan a leisurely meal with plenty of time for visiting.
    • Crab is so succulent- especially dipped in warm, clarified butter!
      Served with Sauteed Garlic Spinach and a slice of warm Walnut Rosemary Bread, I can't think of an easier, healthy holiday meal.

    Step-By-Step Guide - How to Clarify Butter

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    Christmas Eve Pizza!

    Best Gluten-Free Pizza Recipes
    Gluten-Free Margherita Pizza. istockphotos

    If you enjoy a Christmas Eve dinner meal that gets everyone involved in the prep work, making homemade gluten-free pizza is great fun. And who doesn't love pizza?
    Gluten-free Margherita pizza is a simple, classic Italian pizza, loaded with fresh herb flavor and aroma- and beautiful shades of red, green and white, the colors of the season.
    Make gluten-free crusts ahead of time, parbake and freeze and homemade gluten-free pizza becomes a welcome holiday convenience food!

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    Colorful Gluten-Free Holiday Side Dishes

    Gluten-Free Holiday Side Dish Recipes
    Sautéed Garlic Spinach. istockphoto

    Simple, and easy to prepare, here are our favorite gluten-free side dish recipes that compliment any holiday menu.

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    Gluten-Free Holiday Breads

    Gluten-Free Stollen Bread
    Gluten-Free Stollen Bread. 2010 © Teri Lee Gruss, licensed to, Inc.
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    Beautiful Gluten-Free Holiday Desserts - A Grand Finale

    Gluten-Free Holiday Dessert Recipes
    Gluten-Free Buche de Noel. Photo 2010 © Teri Lee Gruss, licensed to, Inc.

    Dazzling gluten-free holiday desserts!