Gluten-Free and Rice-Free Recipes

Gluten-free cookies, cakes, pancakes, bread and rolls, all gluten and rice free

Rice is often the first solid food a baby eats. It's medically prescribed in the diets of hypoallergenic people. And it's a substitute for wheat flour in a multitude of gluten-free products, from baking mixing to ready-made snacks. Gluten-free diets are arguably high rice diets for most, but not all people.

But a recent analysis of rice products by Consumer Reports, a non-profit consumer safety organization recently found arsenic in rice, from low levels in some varieties to high levels in others.

It is important to understand the health implications of this study and potentially cut back the amount of rice you eat daily to avoid excessive exposure to arsenic.

Fortunately, gluten-free diets don't have to contain excess amounts of rice and you can still enjoy delicious cookies, bread, rolls, crackers, and pasta without the rice.