Homemade Gluten-Free Salad Dressing Recipes

Top Your Salad With One of These Delicious Gluten-Free Dressings

Take five minutes and make your own healthy, delicious, super-fast and easy gluten-free salad dressings at home. Eat a healthy gluten-free salad today topped with one of these dressings.

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    Gluten Free French Salad Dressing Ingredients. 2009 © Teri Lee Gruss

    Five ingredients and five minutes are all it takes to prepare this family-favorite gluten-free salad dressing. Make sure you use high-quality organic gluten-free ingredients to create a spectacular French dressing. Try it over this gluten-free spinach salad recipe.

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    Salad of roasted red pepper and garlic, with rocket, goat's cheese, olives and anchovies and a balsamic dressing
    Jonathan Lovekin/Photolibrary/Getty Images

    Balsamic dressing is so delicious and easy to whisk together, this gluten-free recipe should be part of your salad-making repertoire. Don't stop at using it to top greens. It makes a great marinade for meats and the perfect finishing touch for roasted vegetables.

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    Raspberry vinaigrette salad dressing
    Raspberry vinaigrette dressing photo by Jean Gill / Getty Images

    The vibrant color of this gluten-free and vegan raspberry vinaigrette makes it the perfect choice for a showy luncheon salad and is a great choice to serve on a nutty or fruity salad.

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    Gluten-Free Mayonnaise Recipe Image Teri Gruss
    Gluten-Free Mayonnaise Image. 2013 © Teri Gruss

    Mayonnaise is the base for many salad dressings. But store-bought gluten-free versions aren't always the tastiest. Try making yours at home with this recipe and let it springboard your dressing-making creativity. Try using it in this gluten-free potato salad recipe.