11 Gluten-Free Summer and Spring Roll Recipes

Summer rolls and spring rolls are delicious appetizers or snacks that come in a variety of flavors and fillings. Simply speaking, these rolls contain an assortment of fresh veggies and herbs rolled in thin rice paper along with either tofu, shrimp, or meat. These rolls are fun to make yourself for a healthy, light meal, or with a group of family or friends for party appetizers. With all the different combinations of fillings and dipping sauces, you can never get bored with a delicious summer roll or spring roll.

The recipes below include creative approaches to summer rolls and spring rolls that are also gluten-free. You will find healthy, refreshing recipes as well as recipes with American Southwestern influences, Indian spices, and grilled flavors. The dipping sauces are just as diverse and delicious offering inspiration for your next party - or meal. 

When shopping for ingredients, be sure to confirm that the product you select is gluten-free - especially the soy sauce and tamari for the dressings. Happy Rolling!