23 Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Recipes

Turkey, Sides, and So Much More

Quick gluten free turkey gravy

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Just because you or a holiday guest keeps a gluten-free diet doesn't mean you can't serve a wonderful Thanksgiving feast. Many traditional recipes are naturally gluten-free, like mashed potatoes and other vegetables, and others can easily be altered to accommodate a gluten-free diet. Build a gluten-free menu so that everyone can enjoy Thanksgiving this year.

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    Roast Turkey Breast

    Roast Turkey Breast

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    Roast turkey is naturally gluten free, so you can keep the classic centerpiece a part of your Thanksgiving meal. If you're not hosting a big crowd, a turkey breast will feed four with leftovers or six to eight without, and cooking the breast separate from the dark meat helps keep it moist.

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    Make Ahead Slow Cooker Mashed Potatoes

    Slow cooker mashed potatoes recipe

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    Make your holiday cooking a little less stressful by making the mashed potatoes in a slow cooker. You'll free up your stovetop during the busiest phase of meal prep while still serving up fluffy and hot potatoes.

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    Gluten-Free Vegetarian Rice Stuffing

    Gluten free vegetarian rice stuffing

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    This gluten-free take on stuffing uses rice and almonds instead of bread and has all of the flavors you want from the classic Thanksgiving dish. Feel free to add other ingredients commonly found in stuffing, like chopped fresh sage and parsley, dried fruit, or cooked sausage.

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    Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pie

    Gluten free pumpkin pie recipe

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    Enjoy a classic pumpkin pie with a tender, crisp, gluten-free pie crust. For a quick shortcut, use a store-bought gluten-free crust instead. Top with freshly whipped cream.

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    Easy Skillet Green Beans and Bacon

    Green beans and bacon

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    For a touch of green on the table that pairs perfectly with mashed potatoes and turkey, make quick and easy skillet green beans. Crispy bacon turns the humble vegetable into something worthy of a holiday meal.

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    Sweet Potato Casserole With Marshmallows

    Sweet potato casserole with marshmallows recipe

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    A Thanksgiving meal wouldn't be complete without sweet potato casserole. This traditional recipe is topped with miniature marshmallows for a perfectly sweet side. Most marshmallow brands are gluten free, but double-check the packaging just in case.

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    Cranberry Relish

    No-Cook Cranberry Relish

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    For a hit of fresh tartness, make three-ingredient, no-cook cranberry relish. Just add fresh or thawed cranberries to a blender along with sugar and pinch of salt and blend.

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    Pumpkin Old-Fashioned

    Artisan Cocktails
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    A touch of pumpkin purée, orange liqueur, and maple syrup turn an old fashioned into a cocktail ideal for Thanksgiving. Serve before or after dinner with an orange twist and a sprig of fresh rosemary.

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    Easy Gluten-Free Turkey Gravy

    Quick gluten free turkey gravy

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    Gravy is frequently made using flour as a thickener, but sweet rice flour works just as well. Use turkey drippings to make this simple, but flavorful gluten-free gravy.

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    Simple Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp

    Simple bacon wrapped shrimp recipe

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    Bacon-wrapped shrimp is a simple, crowd-pleasing appetizer. Prep the shrimp and wrap them an hour or two before you need them and stick them in the fridge. A quick trip under the broiler, then they're ready to serve.

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    Browned Garlic Brussels Sprouts

    roasted brussels sprouts in bowl

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    For optimal flavor, garlic is browned in butter, flavoring the fat before it is used to cook the Brussels sprouts. A touch of fresh lemon finished this quick and easy gluten-free side dish.

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    Hasselback Butternut Squash

    Hasselback Butternut Squash

    The Spruce / Leah Maroney

    Hasselback is a technique that makes thin cuts along an uncooked vegetable that allows butter or oil and seasoning to infuse into all parts of the dish. Here, it turns a butternut squash into a show-stopping side dish.

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    Old-Fashioned Gluten-Free Apple Pie

    Old fashioned gluten free apple pie recipe

    The Spruce Eats / Ulyana Verbytska

    Everyone loves a good apple pie. This fall favorite is made gluten-free using rice and amaranth flours in the crust and sweet rice flour in the filling. Serve with vanilla or cinnamon ice cream for a fall treat.

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    Creamy Gluten-Free Scalloped Potatoes

    Creamy gluten free scalloped potatoes

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    Swap the standard mashed potatoes for decadent scalloped potatoes. Studded with salty ham and bathed in a creamy, cheesy sauce, it'll be a big hit at your Thanksgiving meal.

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    Mashed Sweet Potatoes With Orange Juice and Cranberries

    Mashed sweet potatoes with orange juice and cranberries

    The Spruce Eats / Nita West

    This creamy sweet potato mash is lightly sweetened with orange juice and topped with fresh cranberries. The fall dish only takes a few steps and is naturally gluten free.

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    Hot Spiced Cranberry Punch

    Hot spiced cranberry punch recipe

    ​The Spruce / Nita West

    A hot spiced cranberry punch is a flavorful and warm way to end a filling Thanksgiving meal. Adults and kids will enjoy this easy non-alcoholic drink and the mixture will make your house smell like the holidays.

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    Quick Pumpkin Soup

    pumpkin soup in a bowl

    The Spruce Eats / Leah Maroney

    A quick and simple pumpkin soup is a nice way to start a Thanksgiving meal. It can even be prepared ahead of time and reheated at mealtime. Creamy and savory, top each cup of soup with a sprinkling of pepitas and thyme.

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    Air Fryer Turkey

    air fryer turkey

    The Spruce Eats / Leah Maroney

    If you're seeking oven space, but still want a crisp-skinned juicy turkey, turn to your air fryer. It's an especially good option if you're cooking for a small group and leaves the oven free for roasting veggies and baking pies.

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    Wild Rice Stuffing

    Wild Rice Stuffing

    The Spruce / Laurel Randolph

    Wild rice stuffing has the flavors and texture you want from stuffing without the gluten. Savory mushrooms, fresh sage, dried cranberries, and crisp pecans make this flavorful side dish a nice pairing for turkey.

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    Instant Pot Cranberry Sauce

    instant pot cranberry sauce

    The Spruce / Diana Rattray

    Make fruity cranberry sauce in minutes using your pressure cooker. Orange juice, zest, and cinnamon add autumnal flavor. The sauce keeps well and tastes great spread on turkey sandwiches or stirred into yogurt.

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    Pumpkin Hummus

    pumpkin hummus

     The Spruce Eats / Leah Maroney

    Whip up this pumpkin hummus ahead of time and stash it in the fridge until guests arrive. Serve with gluten-free crackers, tortilla chips, or fresh veggies for dipping.

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    Crock Pot Sweet Potato Casserole With Apples

    Crockpot sweet potato casserole

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    For a lighter, easier version of sweet potato casserole, cook sliced sweet potatoes and chopped apples with butter, brown sugar, and spices. All it takes is a little prep before adding everything to the slow cooker.

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    Cranberry Elderflower Champagne Punch

    Cranberry Elderflower Champagne Punch

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    A champagne punch is a great way to kick off a holiday meal. Hand each guest a glass of cranberry elderflower punch as they arrive and no one will bug you about when dinner's ready.