What Is Godiva Chocolate Liqueur?

A Guide to Buying and Drinking Godiva Chocolate Liqueur

Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur


When you're looking for a chocolate liqueur, it makes sense to turn to a company that specializes in gourmet chocolates. Godiva chocolate liqueur offers everything that you've come to love about the chocolatier's renowned bite-sized treats but in liquid form. Whether you choose milk, dark, or white chocolate, the liqueurs are rich and gratifying, though not too sweet. They truly are impressive and a great addition to anyone's bar, whether you love decadent chocolate martinis or simply enjoy the occasional chocolate cocktail.

Godiva Chocolate Liqueur vs. Crème de Cacao

Chocolate liqueurs vary greatly, and Godiva is distinctly different than crème de cacao. Long a favorite in the bar, crème de cacao is a very sweet chocolate liqueur that is available in dark and white (clear) varieties. It is produced by multiple brands and, though it is thick, it is not creamy. Godiva, on the other hand, is a brand name with proprietary recipes for a handful of liqueurs that use Godiva chocolate. The milk and white chocolate liqueurs are creamy, though the dark chocolate liqueur has more of a rich velvety feel.

Fast Facts

  • Ingredients: Chocolate, other flavorings, unknown alcohol
  • Proof: 30
  • ABV: 15%
  • Calories in a 1 1/2-ounce shot: 62-65 (Dark Chocolate), 121–125 (Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate)
  • Origin: United States, Belgium
  • Taste: Rich chocolate, velvety
  • Serve: shots, straight-up, on the rocks, cocktails

What Is Godiva Chocolate Liqueur Made From?

Godiva has been one of the best-known names in gourmet chocolates since Belgian chocolatier Joseph Draps started the company in 1926. Developing sweet liqueurs based on that experience would be a natural fit for any company that wanted to tap into the cocktail scene.

The first Godiva chocolate liqueur was a resounding hit upon its initial release in the early 1990s. The original recipe was transformed at some point and drinkers who remember that liqueur still lament its passing. Things may have changed considerably over the years, but the quality and that signature rich chocolate base have remained the same.

Not much about the production of Godiva liqueurs is revealed to the public. It is unknown what type of alcohol is used. Likely, it's a neutral grain spirit (similar to vodka) because the alcohol taste is very subtle. Obviously, Godiva chocolate is a key ingredient, and the milk and white chocolate liqueurs contain some dairy products. According to a company representative in 2021, only Godiva Dark Chocolate Liqueur is dairy-free. While some flavoring ingredients in the dark and white chocolate liqueurs are publicized, Godiva doesn't disclose much else and cannot verify that any of the liqueurs are vegan.

Godiva's chocolate liqueurs are bottled at a delicate 15 percent ABV (30 proof). The brand is owned by Diageo and bottled in Rochester, New York. Considering that Godiva has a chocolate factory in Reading, Pennsylvania, and the fact that the United States is the primary market for the liqueurs, one could assume that they're also made in the U.S.

What Does Godiva Chocolate Liqueur Taste Like?

All of Godiva's chocolate liqueurs are smooth and richly flavored with luscious chocolate. The milk chocolate liqueur is delicately creamy, as is the white chocolate which also has splendid vanilla notes. Since the dark chocolate liqueur doesn't contain dairy, it is more velvety on the palate with hints of spice that lead to a rich, silky finish.


In the 2000s, Godiva experimented with flavors like caramel and mocha. The brand also produced yummy chocolate vodkas for a while; these are still around at some liquor stores but no longer promoted by Godiva. Through all of those trials, the Godiva liqueur portfolio has been narrowed down to three of the best: Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, and White Chocolate.

  • Godiva Milk Chocolate Liqueur: The bottle may only say "Chocolate Liqueur," but the milk chocolate liqueur is the flagship of the brand, and a variation of the original recipe. It is everything you'd expect from a premium chocolate liqueur, offering a rich flavor, silky cream texture, and unforgettable taste. This expression can easily become a staple in any bar.
  • Godiva Dark Chocolate Liqueur: The flavor gets a little more complex with Godiva Dark Chocolate (released in 2014). It features the additions of black cherry, candied orange peel, and cold brew coffee against an unsweetened dark chocolate background. The liqueur also has fewer calories than the others; Godiva says a 1 1/2-ounce serving contains 62 to 65 calories.
  • Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur: Softer and more delicate, this liqueur is a mix of white chocolate and Madagascar vanilla. It's beautiful and unique, offering countless opportunities to explore its potential in cocktails.

How to Drink Godiva Chocolate Liqueur

You can drink Godiva's chocolate liqueurs straight. Enjoyable as an after-dinner drink, they're best in an ice-cold glass, though serving them on the rocks adds a nice amount of dilution over time. These liqueurs are also an excellent way to spike coffee or hot chocolate and make a very tasty ice cream topping. While they're all excellent in cocktails, each flavor brings different qualities to mixed drinks.

Godiva Milk Chocolate is very useful when you want to make utterly delicious chocolate martinis and other indulgent cocktails. Try it in any cocktail that calls simply for "chocolate liqueur" or as a substitute for dark crème de cacao if the drink could use a slightly creamier touch. You can even use it to put a chocolate twist on old favorites like the brandy Alexander or mudslide.

Godiva Dark Chocolate is for the more adventurous chocolate lovers, and it has some fascinating cocktail potential. Try it in any of your favorite chocolate cocktail recipes for a dark twist, and be sure to pair it with coffee and vanilla in a delightful mochatini. The liqueur's deeper, less sweet profile can also put an intriguing spin on recipes like the Bay Hill hummer and liquid bourbon ball when used instead of crème de cacao.

Godiva White Chocolate mixes well with fruits in drinks like the chocolate & orange martini where it will, once again, lend the drink a creamy touch. It's also a great substitute for cream in recipes like the white Russian where it will also lighten up the mix. As an alternative to white crème de cacao, you'll find the white chocolate liqueur useful when you want the drink's other ingredients to control the final color. Grasshopper, anyone?

Cocktail Recipes

While you may not find many recipes that call for Godiva specifically, it can work in nearly any recipe that uses a chocolate liqueur. Keep the liqueur's profile in mind; if it's one of the creamier options, you may need to adjust other cream ingredients in the recipe.

Where to Buy Godiva Chocolate Liqueurs

Since its launch, Godiva's liqueurs have primarily been sold in the U.S. They are not available in every market and may only be stocked in some liquor stores within the distribution range. The Godiva liqueur website does have a store locator, though it's also a good idea to check with an individual store to see if a particular flavor is in stock. In 2020, the milk and white chocolate liqueurs were released in the United Kingdom.