7 Tasty Recipes With Bacon

Is there anything more amazing than bacon? On its own, good old fashion bacon is a wonderfully smoky and savory treat, but bacon also makes an incredible ingredient for a wide variety of dishes. Bacon is a great complement to most seafood, is a great addition to hearty soups, and even works well in many desserts (try the bacon ice cream recipe).

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    Bacon-Wrapped Parmesan-Stuffed Dates

    Bacon Wrapped Dates


    Only three simple ingredients create this very delicious hors-d'oeuvres. Sticky, rich dates are stuffed with quality Parmesan cheese, wrapped with smokey bacon and baked to perfection. Amazing! 

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    Candied Bacon

    Candied Bacon
    EasyBuy4u / Getty Images

    Candied bacon may sound wrong, but it's oh so right! To make this easy recipe, all you need to do is coat bacon with a sugar and spice mixture and bake it until it's crispy. The resulting treat is simultaneously chewy and crunchy, sweet and salty, and completely addicting.

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    Easy Skillet Chicken With Bacon

    Easy skillet chicken recipe

    The Spruce / Diana Rattray

    Here is an amazing chicken recipe with bacon that is both simple to make and bursting with flavor. The bacon adds a satisfying meatiness to the dish and will leave your family clamoring for more. 

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    Zucchini Bacon Casserole

    Zucchini bacon casserole
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    Delicious bacon is combined with zucchini, and freshly grated Parmesan cheese, to add a savory bite to classic comfort food.

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    Apple Bacon Muffins

    apple bacon muffins

    The Spruce / Diana Rattray

    The sweetness of the chopped apple and the saltiness of the bacon make a surprising and delicious combination of flavors in these apple bacon muffins—perfect for brunch.

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    Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms

    bacon stuffed mushroom
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    These basic stuffed mushrooms get some smoky flavor from the diced cooked bacon. Feel free to use your favorite seasoned salt blend in place of the plain salt, or use Cajun or Creole seasoning.

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    Chocolate-Covered Bacon Candy

    chocolate covered bacon

    The Spruce / Elizabeth LaBau

    Sweet meets salty in this recipe for chocolate-covered bacon. If you've never tried bacon and chocolate together, you might be surprised at how well rich, semi-sweet chocolate complements the smoky flavor of crispy bacon.