The 11 Best Speciality Food Stores of 2020

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Our Top Picks

Best for Meat: Rastelli’s at

"A one-stop meat shop with beef, pork, poultry, seafood, and even plant-based meat."

Best for Gifts: MOUTH at

"Get gift boxes carefully curated for every recipient: grill masters, coworkers, cocktail enthusiasts—the list goes on."

Best for Wild Game Meat: D'Artagnan at

"From venison to wild boar to pheasant, D’Artagnan has the best wild game."

Best for Seafood: Vital Choice at

"Delicious wild and organic seafood in all forms, including cans and seafood-based supplements."

Best for Cheese: iGourmet at

"Hundreds of specialty cheeses from 36 countries. Enough said."

Best for Antipasti: Di Bruno Bros at

"Get your antipasti spread on with Di Bruno’s house made pepper shooters and olive selection from around the world."

Best for Jams and Salsas: Stonewall Kitchen at

"The founders got their start selling jellies at farmers' markets, but the store now offers so much more."

Best for Spices and Seasonings: Spice House at

"Spices and spice blends from all over the world, shoppable by family, region, specialty, and use."

Best for Baked Goods: Goldbelly at

"Order cakes, bagels, cookies, bread, scones, babka, and more from your favorite bakeries."

Best for Oils: Formaggio Kitchen at

"Find olive oil, truffle oil, walnut oil, and more from tiny producers around the world."

Maybe your local grocery store is running a little low on your favorite foods. Maybe you’re looking for something special for an upcoming birthday or anniversary dinner. Maybe you’re whipping up a host of new recipes, on track to be the next Julia Child. Or maybe you just feel like ordering some great food.

Whatever the reason, there are great online specialty food stores that stock everything from steak, shrimp, and squab to stilton, cinnamon, and scones. These are the retailers that source carefully, sell proudly, and ship masterfully. Foodies, start your engines!

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Best for Meat: Rastelli’s

Rastelli's Logo

Courtesy of Rastelli's 

Rastelli’s started as a neighborhood butcher shop run by brothers Ray and Tony. Now, it’s a thriving online premium meat shop, sourced from around the world. All the meat is certified antibiotic-, steroid-, and hormone-free, and the seafood is wild-caught or sustainably raised in the wild.

Rastelli’s ensures freshness by blast-freezing, then vacuum-sealing and shipping on dry ice. The selections include the perfect fare for your summer barbecues—think ribeyes, steak craft burgers, Maine lobster tails, wild-caught albacore tuna, chicken breasts and thighs, pork chops, pre-cooked barbecue ribs, and even plant-based meat for the vegetarians. If you’re a meat-lover looking to try something new or throwing a feast, Rastelli’s may just become your favorite place on the internet. Get out your steak knives!

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Best for Gifts: MOUTH

mouth gift box

This online shop's name says it all. MOUTH's selection of products, from crackers and peanut butter to chocolate bars and beef jerky, is nothing short of mouthwatering. Shop small-batch soy sauce, gourmet marshmallows, artisanal salami, pickled vegetables, cheese, candies, flavored popcorns, coffees, and much, much more.

The gifts section of the site is particularly appealing, with guides and gift boxes carefully curated for every recipient: grill masters, coworkers, cocktail enthusiasts—the list goes on. You can even sign someone up for a subscription for a gift that keeps on giving. There's something for everyone at MOUTH.

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Best for Wild Game Meat: D'Artagnan

Logo for D'Artagnan Gourmet Foods

D’Artagnan has been championing meat raised with free-range, natural production and sustainable, humane farming practices for over 30 years. The company boasts that all the four-star restaurants in New York City serve D’Artagnan meats, and it’s not hard to see why.

For the adventurous eaters seeking a taste of the wild side, D’Artagnan will especially be of interest—they sell a wide range of wild game meats like pheasant, venison, bison, quail, capon, and more. And, it’s not just one cut of each! For the quail, for instance, you can choose from quail eggs, French jumbo quail, semi-boneless quail, and whole quail. Think of it as heaven for carnivore foodies.

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Best for Seafood: Vital Choice

Vital Choice Logo

 Courtesy of Vital Choice

Vital Choice was founded in 2001 “on the premise that wild Alaskan salmon is nature's most perfect food.” Whether you share that belief or not, the site's seafood selection is exceptional. It only sells wild-caught, sustainable fish, that’s been ethically sourced. You can find salmon, halibut, lingcod, sablefish, haddock, and more, plus shellfish and seaweed.

Order filets, whole fish, burgers, sausage, poke, smoked salmon, canned and pouched fish, supplements like fish oil, and more. Among the salmon options, choose from wild sockeye, wild pacific, smoked, roe, wild Alaskan silver, wild Alaskan arctic keta, jerky, and more. Whatever seafood you’re looking for, Vital Choice likely has it.

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Best for Cheese: iGourmet

online gourmet foods

For cheese lovers who need to find that cheese they had on vacation last summer, iGourmet is the place. It’s also the best destination for discovering new favorites—you can search for cheese by country, by milk, by texture, by type, and even to pair with your favorite wines.

There are even pairing assortments—you can buy one to pair with Champagne, with merlot, with chardonnay, with pinot noir. You can buy a Scandinavian cheese assortment or an assortment of cheeses in the colors of the rainbow, or you can buy cheese in bulk.

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Best for Antipasti: Di Bruno Bros

Di Bruno Bros.

Di Bruno Bros is Philadelphia’s best-known specialty foods store and practically wrote the book on Italian specialty products. As Anthony Bourdain said of the shop, “[You] open the door and see mozzarell', some proscuitt', hanging provolone, and a deli counter ... But holy crap, they have so much more.”

For those looking to put together a Nonna-approved antipasti spread, Di Bruno Bros has everything you need to make an impressive starter platter. From their house made prosciutto stuffed pepper shooters to olives, roasted peppers, and all the cured meat you could ask for, you'll have the perfect start to a stunning Italian spread.

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Best for Jams and Salsas: Stonewall Kitchen

stonewall kitchen

This New England-based company sells a wide variety of delicious sauces, toppings, and condiments. Though we love the store most for its jarred jams and salsas (the founders got their start selling jellies at farmers' markets), it also offers so much more: mustards, grill marinades, pasta sauces, cocktail sauces, relishes, vinaigrettes, specialty oils, salad dressings, etc.

On the sweeter side, there's honey, dessert toppings, maple syrups, pancake mixes, and desserts. Plus, you can also shop tableware, kitchen tools, and appliances.

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Best for Spices and Seasonings: Spice House

The Spice House

Courtesy of Spice House

Whether you’re trying out recipes from a new world cuisine or just looking to stock a spice cabinet at a new apartment, Spice House is a one-stop shop for anything you might need. Browse the brand's myriad options, agonizing over whether you want Kampot black peppercorns or Kampot red peppercorns, or simply buy a collection like the “Essential Spices” or “Barbecue Deluxe.”

You can find taco seasoning, fajita seasoning, a Louisiana creole blend, or Jamaican jerk seasoning. Search by family, region, specialty, or use. Each entry is complete with a helpful description, a beautiful photo, and linked recipes.

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Best for Baked Goods: Goldbelly

Courtesy of Goldbelly

Goldbelly’s mission is to bring people comfort through food. The approach? Sell food from the best restaurants across the country, shipped directly to people’s doors. You can order from Shake Shack, Katz’s Deli in New York (you will have what she’s having), Central Grocery in New Orleans, and Phil’s Fish Market in California.

Goldbelly is especially great for sweet treats and baked goods. Get cupcakes from New York’s Magnolia Bakery, cheesecake from the Times Square favorite Junior’s Cheesecake, chocolate chip cookies from Willa Jean in New Orleans, hot and spicy cheese bread from Stella’s of Madison, Wisconsin, biscuits from Savannah’s The Grey, and more.

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Best for Oils: Formaggio Kitchen

Fromaggio Kitchen Logo

Courtesy of Fromagio Kitchen 

Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is not as well-known as some of the other spots on the list, but it's an icon in its own right. Established in 1978 in the style of European shops, its first claim to fame was having Julia Child as a loyal customer—she even attended the opening of the cheese caves.

Formaggio’s buyers hunt down the best artisanal food from Europe, the US, and beyond. That ethos extends to its oils—you’ll find the freshest and most flavorful olive oil, black and white truffle oil, walnut and hazelnut oil, and more. Prepare to be amazed.

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Best for Pastas: Eataly

Eataly Logo

Courtesy of Eataly

If you’re a fan of Italian food, you likely already know of Eataly. What you may not know is that the shop's stellar hand-picked Italian foods are also available online. The pasta selection is, well, extensive. You may even find it overwhelming. There are many variations on the most recognizable pastas—think spaghetti, linguini, penne, rigatoni, etc.

There are also lesser-known kinds like scurcuzun (which, according to the website is “pasta obtained from a high-quality durum wheat semolina dough dried [at] low temperatures, and cut into slightly irregular shapes”), and mafalde (long sheets of pasta with elegant scalloped edges). There are also all sorts of flavored pastas, from lemon to truffle, organic options, and pastas made with 100 percent Italian grain. This is the real deal, pasta-wise.

Final Verdict

Rastelli's is the go-to source for all things meat and the next best thing if you don't have access to a specialty butcher shop. Whether you're shopping for a special cut of meat for a holiday feast or chicken and steak for weeknight dinners, they'll have what you need. If you're in the market for gift-worthy specialty foods, Mouth has an extensive collection of curated gift sets sure to please the foodies in your life. While you're there, consider picking up some artisanal snacks and beverages for yourself! Stonewall Kitchen also has a large gift selection and is the best bet for stocking your pantry with delicious premium jams and salsas.

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