Gran Gala Orange Liqueur Review

GranGala Triple Orange Liqueur
GranGala Triple Orange Liqueur. © GranGala

GranGala Triple Orange Liqueur is a delightful brandy-based orange liqueur from Trieste, Italy. It is blended with sun-ripened Mediterranean oranges and the combination of that citrus with the Italian VSOP creates a lovely, rich liqueur. GranGala is an excellent cocktail ingredient and is also delightful sipped straight or on the rocks. The best part of the GranGala experience is that the taste is comparable to the likes of Grand Marnier, but it is half the price.


  • Brandy-based orange liqueur for half the price of others - Grand Marnier on a budget.

  • Sweet, full orange flavor.

  • Great cocktail mixer.

  • Opens up in warm cocktails.


  • None


  • Italian liqueur with a VSOP brandy base and flavor from Mediterranean oranges.
  • Produced in Trieste, Italy
  • Imported by Sazerac Co., New Orleans, Louisiana
  • 40% alc/volume (80 proof)
  • Retails for around $20/750ml bottle
  • Gold Medal Winner at the 2008 San Francisco World Spirits Competition
  • 94 points at Beverage Tasting Institute - rated #1 orange liqueur in Margarita tasting

Guide Review - Gran Gala Orange Liqueur

A visit to GranGala's website and the tagline "Italy's Answer to Grand Marnier" will attest to the fact that the brand is not scared of taking on the popular Grand Marnier and they have a right to show up this comparison - as I will because it is the best side-by-side available. Interestingly, in an orange liqueur test in the Margarita at the Beverage Tasting Institute in 2002, GranGala was rated the highest and Grand Marnier #3.

First of all, I really like Grand Marnier, but I also use quite a bit of orange liqueur for Margaritas, Napoleons, D'Artagnans and the like, however, it is not always feasible to keep a $40 bottle in stock. When it's a choice between a top shelf tequila or a spendy liqueur, the tequila will almost always win out. This is where GranGala comes in because it is a great, rich orange liqueur for only $20, and when you weigh that against an unfulfilling $10 triple sec, the GranGala is the best option. What GranGala does is prove that "the best" is subjective and just as you may not always stock Beefeater, but that bottle of Gordon's is always around, so it goes with orange liqueur.

That said, GranGala is a superb cocktail ingredient. I've used it a lot in my Toddy Collection experiments because it is excellent warm and drinks like the lush Chocolate Spice Martini and the Amore Frizzante show off its full spectrum.